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Nov 30
Buying Guide: Runner Rug for your Home

When it comes to your space, nothing can pull a space more together than a rug. Rugs are a gorgeous and practical home piece that can add a design element to any room, even when there isn’t much else happening. This is exceptionally true for runner rugs, which can be a great addition to a […]

Nov 30
6 Hints to Arrange a Living Room with a Corner Fireplace

A corner fireplace is absolutely stunning and a treat to have, however, it can sometimes be difficult to arrange furniture around. We created this post to help you to arrange your furniture in your living room with a corner fireplace and to give some helpful hints as to how energy moves around your layout. We […]

Nov 16
Is a Victorian Kitchen Design Right for Your Project?

Choosing the right kind of kitchen design can be rather challenging. There are so many different types of styles to choose from, and even trying to combine multiple styles can be an obstacle. One style that has been making a comeback over the last few years would be a Victorian Kitchen. The Victorian Era was […]

Nov 11
Uses of Citrine Crystal for Abundance in Feng Shui

Looking for abundance in your life? Add this one small sunny Citrine crystal, and feel the magic around you. What Is Citrine Crystal? Citrine crystal is a type of quartz crystal. It is a tool in the art of Feng Shui to welcome abundance, prosperity, and positivity. Citrine in its natural form is relatively rare. […]

Nov 09
5 Best Towel Warmers Hints

  A towel warmer brings spa-like luxury to your home. A warm towel feels great after a hot shower or bath, and can be well worth it to those who live in cold regions. If you’re someone who dreads showers in the winter, a towel warmer can completely change your experience. Luxury? Yes. But it’s […]

Sep 03
Buying Guide: Organic Mattress

We spend over half of our life on a mattress and therefore, it is in ones best interest to make sure that your mattress is non-toxic, organic and made of materials that are healthy for you. The Roomhints organic mattress buying guide will help you understand the basics when buying an organic mattress and a […]

Aug 13
6 Hints for a Sustainable Bedroom Design

Sustainable bedroom products are not just good for the environment, they are better for your health too. Certain furniture and textiles can contain harmful toxins that are breathed in while you sleep. In addition, can create allergies or irritation. We want you to wake up happy, refreshed, and enable you to be your best self. […]

Aug 05
What Is Low Voc Paint?

If the smell of new paint has ever caught your sniffer you are smelling VOCs. Volatile Organic Compounds. i.e Fungicides, Formaldehyde, Ethylene Glycol, and Benzene. Yum. Not something you’d necessarily want lathering up your walls. VOCs are primarily carbon-containing substances that are commonly found in paint and household cleaning products. When used inside, they can […]

Jun 27
5 Awesome Outdoor Storage Hints

Outdoor storage is the secret to gorgeous gardens and yards. They keep your tools and equipment hidden away and your outdoor spaces looking neat. Rather than taking up too much space in the garage, these outdoor storage options create dedicated areas to store your stuff. Whether it’s extra space for your bikes and lawnmowers, or […]

Jun 19
To Restore or Bulldoze? Mid-Century Modern Home Remodel

Design firm, In Situ Studio overhauled a mid century modern home in Raleigh, North Carolina, that was “haphazardly chopped up” over the years. The brick, ranch-style home was built in 1959. Known as the Ocotea House, it is situated within a suburban neighborhood dotted with mature trees. Mid Century Modern Home “What was originally a clean […]