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5 Hints to Attract Good Health with Feng Shui

I think we can all agree that 2022 will be the year of good health and understanding how we can have power over our environment to maintain our health. We are always looking for new ways to bring this energy in. Feng Shui (while not a new way) is a method that can bring more health into your life simply through your home.

Attract good feng shui with plants and fire
Designed by Beth Webb

Want to learn some easy tips on how to bring this healthy energy into your home? Read on to find out.

1. Add some House Plants

Who doesn’t love house plants? I bet you didn’t know in Feng Shui they actually can help us in terms of our energy. House plants contain living chi, which is great to add to our homes to make them feel more alive and full of vitality. A great place to add them is to corners, which tend to become stagnant for energy. Adding a house plant there will help to revitalize the energy and keep it moving throughout your home.

Attract good feng shui with plants and fire

2. Stock your Fridge full of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Similar to house plants, fresh fruits and vegetables contain living qi as well. They provide the energy of good health and can bring that into our own lives. Keep your fridges stocked full of clean and fresh produce, have a bowl of fruit on the table, and be sure to keep this energy optimal by removing any produce that has become moldy or rotten.

3. Add more of the Color Green

Color has powerful connections to our mental, emotional, and energetic health. In Feng Shui, the color green connects to the health sector and can bring in more of that energy to our lives. In return, the color green connects to the natural world, which has been shown to lower our stress and anxiety levels while providing us with more joy and peace. Paint a room in a soft or deep green or use it in a statement furniture piece like a rug or sofa.

Attract good feng shui with the element green

4. Incorporate the Wood Element

In Feng Shui, the health sector connects to the element of Wood. The wood element is one of health, growth, and freshness. Adding a bit extra into your home can be a good way to connect to this energy of health. There are many ways to incorporate the wood element. You can use color (green), add materials (wood), or even shapes (tall rectangles), which all will help to bring more of this energy into the home.

5. Focus on the BIG Three

In Feng Shui, there is something known as the BIG three. These are three areas of the home that are optimal for our health. These are the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. That is because each of these areas plays a crucial function in our overall health. The bedroom is where we restore our energy, getting a good night’s rest. The bathroom is where we clean our energy, washing away dirt and grime, and the kitchen is where we refuel our energy, filling our bodies with nutrients. Focusing on these areas of the home to promote more health to flow into your life.

With these easy Feng Shui tips, you can start to create a more healthy and happy home and life.

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