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May 10
6 Outdoor Sauna Designs That Redefine Relaxation

In the pursuit of ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation, modern design has given traditional outdoor saunas a glamorous facelift, turning it into a showstopper of modern living spaces. Today’s savvy outdoor sauna designs are a perfect cocktail of aesthetics, cutting-edge technology, and functionality, and range from nifty, modular units that sneak into snug corners to opulent, […]

May 07
2024’s Best Grounding Sheets: Our Top 5 Picks for Enhanced Sleep Quality

Struggling to find the perfect sleep setup? If restless nights are leaving you desperate for a solution, grounding bed sheets might be the answer you’ve been seeking. Often referred to as “earthing,” this method harnesses the Earth’s natural energies to boost your health and enhance sleep quality. Imagine a bed sheet that does more than […]

Jan 04
7 Hints for EMF Protection in your Home

Electromagnetic frequencies, or EMFs are abundant in our modern world. From cellphones to microwaves, our electronics emit frequencies which impact and influence our own energy and health. The real question is, how bad are EMFs for us and how can we build EMF protection within our homes?   What are EMFs? Electromagnetic frequencies, or EMFs, […]

Dec 06
The Best Organic Sheets for 2024

  There’s a lot to consider when buying a new set of bedding- after all, we do spend a lot of time between the sheets. In fact, the average human spends 26 years of their lives asleep. You care about what you put into your body. You make sure your home is a clean, non-toxic […]

May 16
The Most Popular Bathroom Faucets on Roomhints

Bathroom faucets, with their taste-setting design, can truly make all the difference when it comes to refreshing a bathroom or building one from scratch. Like the cabinet handles in your kitchen or the light fixtures in your living room, a faucet can set the tone of your bathroom.  Whether you just want to revamp your […]

May 12
The Ultimate Hints to Choosing a Unique Ceiling Fan

To view one of the important design elements, you may need to look up! Choosing the a unique ceiling fan for your interior design is a great way to add style, improve air circulation, and in some cases, save energy.  Chandeliers have their place, but when it comes to good air circulation and creating a […]

Apr 22
5 Collapsable Storage Bins to Bring Zen to Your Living Space 

Storage boxes, the underestimated hero to bringing productivity and harmony to our living spaces. Having a good organizational strategy and the tools, such as, collapsable storage bins, to execute it is of the utmost importance to making your home feel cozy and in balance.  Consult any productivity expert, and they’ll tell you that an organized […]

Apr 20
4 Hints to Buy the Right EMF Reader for Your Home

Appliances, phones, and gadgets – they’ve all become ubiquitous in our daily lives. Science has shown that the electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) from these everyday devices, from our smartphones to our microwaves, can have health-altering effects. Read on to learn why it’s important to have an EMF reader for your home. While one of the biggest health […]

Mar 24
Our Favorite Dining Chair Hints

  When choosing chairs for your dining room table, the variety of styles and colors can seem overwhelming. Choosing a new dining room set or updating an old one can have a dynamic effect on a key entertaining space, not to mention a place in your house that sees a lot of use.  But with […]

Mar 04
6 Hints For Bathroom Lighting Fixtures

When it comes to interior design, the bathroom often flies under the radar. However, it’s well worth taking the time to ensure your bathroom feels as well thought out as the rest of your adjoining spaces and flows aesthetically. One important element that can really enhance the design are the bathroom lighting fixtures! Keep reading to […]