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Apr 20
4 Hints to Buy the Right EMF Reader for Your Home

Appliances, phones, and gadgets – they’ve all become ubiquitous in our daily lives. Science has shown that the electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) from these everyday devices, from our smartphones to our microwaves, can have health-altering effects. Read on to learn why it’s important to have an EMF reader for your home. While one of the biggest health […]

Mar 24
Our Favorite Dining Chair Hints

  When choosing chairs for your dining room table, the variety of styles and colors can seem overwhelming. Choosing a new dining room set or updating an old one can have a dynamic effect on a key entertaining space, not to mention a place in your house that sees a lot of use.  But with […]

Mar 04
6 Hints For Bathroom Lighting Fixtures

When it comes to interior design, the bathroom often flies under the radar. However, it’s well worth taking the time to ensure your bathroom feels as well thought out as the rest of your adjoining spaces and flows aesthetically. One important element that can really enhance the design are the bathroom lighting fixtures! Keep reading to […]

Mar 02
4 Kitchen Rug Hints To Brighten Your Space

Did you know we spend up to 400 hours a year in the kitchen? It’s an important space to bring in bright and cheery design features to meet you at breakfast. Your choice of kitchen rug is an easy way to bring life, color, and vitality into this beloved room of the house.  Rug choice […]

Feb 28
Our Top Hints for Using Healing Crystals to Bring Balance to Your Home

Do you ever feel like something is off in your home – a heaviness or an unease that you can’t quite put your finger on? You may be experiencing energy blockages or imbalances due to both outside and inside sources affecting the flow of chi (universal life force) throughout your home environment.  If this sounds […]

Feb 14
The Most Popular Bathroom Mirrors on Roomhints

Bathroom mirrors are one of the most important elements to consider when looking to enhance any bathroom’s overall design and vibe. The shape, size, and style of a bathroom mirror can make all the difference in creating a stylish and comfortable atmosphere. You’ll want to choose a mirror that reflects your own personal style but […]

Feb 08
Sustainably designed outdoor showers

Imagine you start your day with the feel of fresh air on your skin, entranced by the sound of water cascading down you back in your outdoor shower, while you are basking under the vibrance of the sun. You might think that you can only indulge in such beautiful experiences while on vacation, but we […]

Feb 08
Hints for Picking the Right Kitchen Cabinets

Today there are 100s of different options for kitchen cabinets for your space. Roomhints sat down to interview our kitchen designer audience to get their input for how to pick the right cabinets for your kitchen renovation. 1. What are some things to take into consideration when picking a cabinet supplier for a project? I […]

Feb 07
10 Best Sustainably Designed Hotels

The concept of sustainable design is becoming increasingly popular among designers as the need for eco-friendly and resource-conscious projects grows. Implementing sustainable techniques can be challenging within hotel architecture and interior design, but with hard work and innovation, there are many examples of sustainability being achieved in hotel designs across the globe. From innovative materials […]

Feb 06
The Ultimate Soaking Tub Hints

Getting ready to spruce up your bathroom but don’t know which type of soaking tub is right for you? Look no further! We’ve rounded up the best hints of the year on how to find the perfect bathtub, whether you have a contemporary or traditional style home. From a freestanding baths or otherwise know as […]