Roomhints has helped over 5 million customers to purchase conscious products for their project. 


In 2014, Roomhints mobile application launched. Customers uploaded a photo of their room and got product recommendations. Within a month, the app had over 50,000 users and we knew we were onto something. However, our users were uploading BIG projects such as, their entire 5000 SF home. They wanted more than product hints. Roomhints pivoted to a web platform where we can provide remodeling hints no matter how big or small your project is. 

In 2020, we added a strong emphasis to feature sustainable products and conscious design stories. 

Today, Roomhints is the #1 destination featuring sustainable remodeling products, conscious design professionals, Feng Shui, and more. 


Conscious design is the conscious awareness for the products we purchase and how we interact with our built environment. The energy of the space, the sustainability factor of each product, its overall quality/timelessness and life cycle.

Our mission is to inspire healthier homes by connecting people to conscious design


We at Roomhints we research products, interview professionals, and companies to educate our community on remodeling products for their design project.

What does that mean? We interview the people and companies behind the products. Their commitment to producing sustainable products, their life cycle transparency, where the product is manufactured, how it is shipped, the company culture, and the overall environmental impact.

Roomhints Conscious Design


“Sustainability: the conscious design of our total environment, in order to help make the Earth’s resources meet the needs of all of humanity without disrupting the ecological processes of the planet.” - R. Buckminster Fuller


#1. Recycling

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What’s the company’s commitment to recycling? 

Where do the extra products go? 

When a product is removed from a home or site does it get recycled?


#1. Recycling

#2. Location

Where is the item made? 

Where are all the materials sourced from and what is the carbon footprint? 

How far is the location from which the item is made to its final destination?

#2. Location

#3. People

Did you know that the energy that goes into making the product stays with the product? A product that is made on an assembly line or big factory holds different energy than a product that is custom made. Or made by a smaller factory.     

We analyze the people behind the product.

Who makes it?

Who designs it? 

#3. People

#4. Materials

Roomhints does a thorough overview of the materials that make up the product.

Where are they sourced from? Are they organic? Natural? 

What is the long-term impact on the environment of these materials?

Are there better materials that could be used? 

#4. Materials

#5. Packaging

Roomhints looks at the full packaging of the product.

How is the item packed?

Is the product’s packaging footprint as minimal as possible?

What materials are used to package the product? 

#5. Packaging


We believe in the power of the space that changing our surroundings can improve productivity, happiness, romance, health, and success.

We believe in sustainable products: in understanding the materials and choosing products that represent the change you want to see in this world. When you can, buy vintage vs. new. 

We believe in working together: When we work together, we can do more, we can connect and build a supportive community and make decisions that are good for the entire collective and planet. 

We believe in community & connection: building a platform where you meet the people behind the products and local providers within your area.

We believe in quality over quantity: you will spend more time and energy purchasing cheap products over and over as they do not last vs. buying a quality product once, that will last your lifetime. 


Sustainable forward.  At Roomhints we have a saying “sustainable forward.” We know it may be hard today to be a 100% sustainable company due to the current landscape. We aim for all brands and consumers to be thinking, sustainable forward.

Moving in a forward direction being conscious about the environment and ones personal or business impact. 

Here’s to a better tomorrow. 

With love, 

Team Roomhints 



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