Say Hello To Simple Design:


Roomhints started out of frustration; one, the process of interior design was taking too long and with too many unsatisfied clients. Two, consumers are beyond confused with websites showing more than 30,000 sofa options - we are saturated with choice to the point where we make no decisions at all.

So, we set out to build a design search tool, Roomhints 1.0, to simplify the process of finding the right furniture for your home. Well, Roomhints was inundated with questions from our users. Questions that ranged from, "what is the best layout option for my living room?" to "how should I decorate my mantle" to "how do I make this room exciting?" Which ulitmatley led us to build a platform to inspire, collaborate and connect your questions with the right professionals and products to give you the answers (or as we call them, "hints") - to create your dream living/working space!


To empower everyone to live in a space they love. But it's easier said than done. We've created Roomhints to enable you to solve your design problem by connecting you with professionals to give you personalized "hints" for your space.


We believe that changing our surroundings can improve productivity, happiness, romance, health and success.

We believe that furnishing a space should never be done alone.

We believe our live/working spaces should tell the story of who we are, a collection of what we love, and empower us to have the confidence and courage to conquer our dreams.


We're continuing to pioneer new and exciting ways for design to happen. We aim to challenge the status quo of the traditional design process by infusing it with technology and wisdom from professionals.

Leading team members

We are a small team - we wear a ton of hats - and love it this way! Everyday is an exciting ride.

Tiff Willson

Chief Designer/Founder

Tiff has been an entrepreneur since the age of three. She built her first startup in college and has been startup crazed ever since. With a masters in interior deisgn from Parsons, The NewSchool and a passion for coding, Roomhints was born.

Carlos Aguilar


Carlos has been coding since 2005. He is addicted to solving hard problems and architecting beautiful code.

Selin Kurun

Creative Director

Selin is obsessed with design and finding the best products on the web... maybe a bit too obsessed :) She has built a following for her unique design eye and founded her own dseign/events firm Design Haus in 2015.