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 Roomhints has helped over 50 million customers to find hints for their project. 


In 2014, Roomhints mobile application launched. The app allowed customers to upload a photo of their room to get product recommendations. Within a month, the app had over 100,000 users! We knew we were onto something. However, the projects being uploaded were BIG projects such as, an entire 5000 SF home. Roomhints app was too limited to help our users. So, in 2018, we sold the app and maintained 

Today, Roomhints is building the #1 sustainable design network to find interior design professionals, sustainable products, Feng Shui practitioners, home energy clearing tips, education and more.

We believe in design that is good for you, and the planet. 

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“Sustainability: the conscious design of our total environment, in order to help make the Earth’s resources meet the needs of all of humanity without disrupting the ecological processes of the planet.” - R. Buckminster Fuller

Our mission is to inspire healthier spaces by connecting people to sustainable design. 


At Roomhints, we research products, interview professionals, and, companies to build a vetted network of professionals. 


What does that mean? We interview the people and companies behind the products. Their commitment to producing sustainable products, their life cycle transparency, where the product is manufactured, how it is shipped, the company culture, and the overall environmental impact.


We believe in the power of ones’ space: changing our surroundings can improve productivity, happiness, romance, health, and success.

We believe in sustainable products: in understanding the materials and choosing products that represent the change you want to see in this world. 

We believe in working together: When we work together – we can do more. We are connecting sustainable design professionals and products to consumers. Giving exposure to brands that we believe, deserve the exposure. 

We believe in community & connection: building a platform where you can meet the people behind the products and local providers within your area.

We believe in quality over quantity: you will spend more time and energy purchasing cheap products over and over, vs. buying a quality product once, that will last your lifetime. This is timeless design. 

Roomhints Conscious Design


Sustainable forward.  At Roomhints we have a saying “sustainable forward.” We know it may be hard today to be a 100% sustainable company due to the current landscape. We aim for all brands and consumers to be thinking, sustainable forward.

Moving in a forward direction being conscious about the environment and ones personal or business impact. 

Here’s to a better tomorrow. 

With love, 

Team Roomhints 



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