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12 Essential Oil Hints for Your Home

Our home is our safe place, our refuge from the world and a warm setting where we can relax and be at total ease. A place where we can truly just be ourselves!

Think In the Form of Energies

Like everything else in the Universe, everything has energy. Those with lower energy levels or negative energy, experience restlessness, hatred and guilt. This shows up in the form of physical discomfort and mental anguish and leaves you feeling confused and strangely heavy. You feel sluggish and it takes more effort than usual to accomplish daily tasks.

On the other hand, when the vibrational frequency is higher, you naturally experience emotions like love, joy, ecstasy, gratitude, and empathy. Positive feelings come more easily and you become capable of tackling any obstacle, both physically and mentally.

As our energy can be very unstable, it can be influenced by several environmental factors. For instance, our thought patterns, surroundings, lifestyle and exposures, to name a few.

   essential oils for home 

How the Scent of Your Home Affects Your Mood?

Spaces also possess an energy level and it affects us for better or worse. And what is the place where we spend a generous amount of time? Our home! So the energy inside our home affects us the most.

Adding essential oils in our space increase our productivity. It also changes the way we interact with our family members daily. When our energies match with each other, we understand our loved ones better and make efforts to understand when we don’t.

At Roomhints, our mission is to guide you to build a sustainable/healthy home that you love. Here are hints you how we can use fragrances to improve the energy of a place where just going to bed, waking up, eating, relaxing and spending time with our loved ones affects us at such an intricate level.

1. Smell and Sensibility

Our sense of smell is one of the strongest senses with its remarkable ability to bring about several feelings as it is directly linked to the same part of our brain that affects emotions, memory, and creativity. It is also responsible for giving scents the unparalleled power of triggering emotional memories and the complex states of nostalgia and longing in addition to mood swings.

They also work in reducing stress and relieving tension by increasing levels of endorphins and serotonin hormones, both effectively helping us feel merry and peaceful.

Scarcely anyone would deny that every day, we make conscious efforts to have only those scents around us that brings positive vibes. This visceral compulsion is what propels you to eat dishes that have the most mouth-watering aroma and lift your mood instantly.

2. The Right Fragrances

When setting up our home, we go through detailed processes of selecting the best furniture. Choosing sofas and center tables that are most comfortable and cozy, compliment the other elements of the house and are also pleasing to the eye.

But have you ever seriously considered what kind of smells suit your home best and how they make you feel? How can you use your sense of smell to improve the energy of your living space and create an environment that is good for your mental well-being and ensure your happiness at the most mundane of times?

How can you improve your quality of life even as you carry out simple routine tasks like washing dishes, tidying rooms or simply lying on the sofa on a slow Sunday afternoon? The simple answer is: use your nose.

Now, there are different scents you can use, for different purposes like to increase your energy when feeling frustrated and to awaken and catalyze feelings of desire and lust.

3. Which Scents?

Right, so you may be wondering at this point: what kind of scents should I use that can improve the energy of my home?

Well, let me guide you through an array of wonderful fragrances you can use to cleanse your aura and improve the vibrational frequency in the intimate setting of your home.

Aromatherapy families

Essential oils are divided into groups or families according to their components and action. We composed a list of the top seven aromatherapy oils by taking one of every of the described families above.

1.     Lavender – great for cleansing your home and adds a calming effect

Monoterpenols have strong antimicrobial effect. They also have most appealing fragrance, have great value for maintaining balance and preventing disease. Aromatherapy oils of this group are powerful anti-viral agents with broad antifungal and antibacterial properties. They are useful for respiratory conditions and inflamed skin. The brightest example of monoterpenols is lavender essential oil. Try clary sage as a substitute.

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2.     Sweet orange – brings joy to your home and lightens the moode

Monoterpenes are aromatherapy oils from citrus peels and needle trees. They show pronounced anti-viral activity. Needle oils have decongestant effect in respiratory tract. Citrus peel oils have antispasmodic effect for digestive and respiratory systems. They also calm the activity of the nervous system and can help in treating insomnia.

I would also recommend mandarin essential oil as a substitute of sweet orange essential oil.

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3.     Peppermint – refreshing, light, and clean 

Ketones display expectorant, analgesic, and antispasmodic effects. Apart from peppermint essential oil they include rosemary essential oil.

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5.     Eucalyptus – cleansing, neutral and fragrant

Aldehydes have strong anti-viral effects and anti-inflammatory activities. Similar properties are found in ravintsara essential oil.

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6.     Tea tree – purifying

Oxides show anti-viral and expectorant properties. Tea tree essential oil is practically heal-all remedy. You can also try manuka essential oil which has a sweet floral herbaceous aroma and similar properties.

7.     Frankincense – new, opening, and clearing 

Sesquiterpenols have revitalizing and regenerating powers. Another essential oil with the same properties would be sandalwood.

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The oils should be exclusively genuine and authentic to be effective.

4. Nature-inspired Fragrances

Let me note too that you have to be cautious when buying fragrances. A lot of fragrances, such as, perfumes or perfumed candles are toxic and should be avoided. To start, I want to suggest the rich, earthy aromas of natural fragrances. They have an all-embracing scent that reminds you of woods, roots, beaches and forests. Like sandalwood, cedarwood, patchouli, birch and vetiver. If you are a nature lover and want a gust of fresh natural scents in your home then woody fragrances should do the trick. They can give you that cocooned feeling of being surrounded by the comfort of the outside world, helping you to feel grounded and tapped into that inner strength.

5. Floral Fragrances

Floral fragrances have a certain feel-good association with them that is unbeatable by anything else. Fresh flowery scents are sweet and light and can automatically uplift your mood. Since they are associated with romance, they bring the warm feelings that are reminiscent of being in love. Again, avoid flower smelling candles or perfumes as they have toxic chemicals in them. Try using real flowers in your space.

Each flower has an individual beauty and scent but all of them resonate with the feelings of peacefulness, purity and achieving a sense of calm in our lives.  Flowers such as jasmine, magnolia, white iris, rose and hyacinth have long been considered the most delicate and ‘clean’ aromas, thus promoting a cleansing of the mind and relieving stress.

6. Fruity Fragrances

Want to bring a fun and energizing twist to your home atmosphere? Fruity fragrances are the way to go for this. Citrus fruits, especially, emon, bergamot, orange and lime can have an uplifting effect on your mood. Similarly, sweeter, richer fruits such as orange, apple, apricot, melon and peach can promote a bold and youthful freshness. For a revitalizing and refreshing energy around your house, I highly recommend these.

7. Essential Oils

And then there are the ever-relevant essential oils. Derived from some of the most mystic plants, essential oils have aphrodisiac scents that can help to soothe the body, relax the mind, boost self-confidence, improve circulation, and invigorate the senses. They are very effective in repelling negative energy, warding off evil spirits and improving the energy of your home and are completely natural.

12 essential oils for your home

Vanilla, spearmint, Ylang Ylang, myrrh, lavender and cedarwood are some of the essential oils with ambrosial and wholly pleasant scents that have sedative effects. These warm, calming oils when used properly, foster feelings of comfort and security and assist in loosening tension after a long, hard day.

Cedarwood and myrrh oils are very effective in clearing your head, improving mood and helping ease negative feelings.

Lavender and spearmint oils are notorious for their relaxing properties. The citrusy orange oil, floral clary sage and the ever-fragrant marjoram oil work unfailingly in bolstering happiness by smoothing out feelings of stress, anxiety and frustration. They assist in your body and mind’s natural healing process and uplift your mood.

Ginger and clove oils help you feel energized and lift your spirits!

9. Scented Candles

Candles have been used to bring good vibes and good scents for a long time. Be careful though as candles have become so mainstream that many have toxic fake fragrances in them that are not healthy. Buy natural candles or beeswax candles.

essential oils and candles for home

“It is scientifically proven that scented candles can play an essential role in the physiological effects of mood, stress, working capacity, and overall mental health,” says Chryssa Chalkia, an accredited clinical integrative psychotherapist and cognitive-behavioral therapist.

Scented candles are available in thousands of different scents. You can even have them custom-made however you like them, with your favorite hand-picked flavors. For example, if you like a particular scent because it reminds you of good memories then you can have it in the form of scented candles that may last months. Making candles at home is also a great family night activity!

Not only are they easy to set up and use, but they also add beauty, creating a cozy and romantic atmosphere that can not be achieved by any other means. The warm glow of a candle has numerous benefits like improving your sleep hygiene. The flame of a candle is a much better alternative to the blue light of a smartphone, so keep one on your bedside table if you want.

Psychologists say candles have a positive effect on mental health and can be paired with other wellness activities like yoga.

Scented candles can also induce serenity and help to assuage symptoms of stress, with the ability to lower cortisol. Certain candles are crafted specifically to activate chemicals in the brain, like serotonin and dopamine, to support a positive mood.

10. Reed Diffusers

Reed diffusers are quickly gaining traction in their popularity as they have proven to be very effective and have numerous benefits. They are exceptionally easy to utilize; reeds are embedded into a glass jug or glass container of scented diffuser oil, the reeds absorb the fragrance and radiate a wonderful smell around your home – simple! You only need to place it in any room and soon, the room will be filled with your favorite scents. They are not at all overpowering and have a sort of delicate softness that is perfect in setting the tone and ambience of your home.

You can place them near windows so that the drafts can help propel the fragrance around the space, especially in bigger rooms.

It requires little effort, just add your preferred essential oil in the little bottle and let the reeds do the work. I do suggest flipping the reeds once in a while; this can assist with giving the diffusion process.

In contrast to candles, reed diffusers are without fire and don’t need any hotness. They scatter aroma into the air normally. No fire implies no residue and more significantly, no danger of fire! This makes reed diffusers a more viable aroma answer for certain homes, especially the ones that have young children.

11. Oil Burners

The burning of oil in an oil burner is an easy, affordable, and natural way by which we can take greater command of our senses, while simultaneously enabling ourselves to achieve the physiological and psychological states we wish to be in. An oil burner ordinarily comprises a chamber where we put a little tea light candle, which serves to warm the oil. The actual oil rests in a little, curved dish straight up and over the candle chamber, normally diluted with some spring water or regular water. The flame is lit, and in one moment, warms the water/oil blend, the smell of which is then delivered into the encompassing air without creating smoke or debris.

Oil burners have been used in aromatherapy for a long time. Their simple and easy way to use makes them a much-preferred way of enhancing the olfactory beauty of our living space. The essential oils used in them have healing properties and work on improving your overall well-being.

Not only this, they are beautifully crafted to add to the décor of the house. Just add your favorite oil to it and the oil burner and sense of smell work in harmony to bring positive energy to your home!

12. Incense

Incense has been used and is still being used in producing heady, natural scents by many religions as well as repelling bad energy and odors. However, the practice of burning incense is very common nowadays due to its numerous benefits and its strong but pleasant fragrances.

Incense is made from plant matter and is then burned for its aromatic or spiritual properties. You might be familiar with the Indian agarbatti sticks, or small cones, but raw plant material such as palo santo wood chips or sweetgrass can also be considered incense if used correctly.

Incense burning was discovered long ago in 3300 BC in Southern Asia, specifically, in India. It was and still is used during worshipping and supplication because of the belief that it repels malicious spirits and purifies the energy of the space it is lit in.

If you’re burning incense that’s made with all-natural ingredients, there are many benefits you can reap from the experience. Most importantly, it is a natural and tested way of aromatherapy. I suggest keeping them in rooms with good ventilation for full effect.

If you’re interested in burning incense to attract positive energy in your home, make sure to seek out the best quality. Incense made with low-quality materials and synthetic fragrances may be a pollutant, especially when burned in confined spaces. Look for companies that list all the ingredients they use, and find out which essential oils resonate the most with you.


In this fast-paced world, where every day is a race and time flies like a frightened pigeon, we often forget to value ourselves and take care of our bodies. We neglect to allude to our senses and appreciate their vital role in helping us experience life to the fullest. When we have low energy, we still try to push forward without trying to understand why we feel that way.

Amidst the chaos, our homes are consistent in their presence and comfort.  A place we gratefully return to and come undone. Through this place, we can restore our energy, with these awe-inspiring aromas. Let the fragrances liven up your home and bring you all the positive energy you need!

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