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Mar 02
4 Kitchen Rug Hints To Brighten Your Space

Did you know we spend up to 400 hours a year in the kitchen? It’s an important space to bring in bright and cheery design features to meet you at breakfast. Your choice of kitchen rug is an easy way to bring life, color, and vitality into this beloved room of the house.  Rug choice […]

Nov 16
Is a Victorian Kitchen Design Right for Your Project?

Choosing the right kind of kitchen design can be rather challenging. There are so many different types of styles to choose from, and even trying to combine multiple styles can be an obstacle. One style that has been making a comeback over the last few years would be a Victorian Kitchen. The Victorian Era was […]

Apr 29
Buying Guide: 3 Kitchen Faucet Hints

When remodelling your kitchen, it is quite likely that you may end up overlooking the kitchen faucet. However, the fact is that these details are of utmost importance to the kitchen. Their quality, finishes, style, and shape can determine the entire interior design style of your space. Thus, even these small decisions can make a […]

Jan 22
How to Style Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Blue kitchen cabinets are a huge design trend right now, but they are a timeless look. How exactly do you pull them off? We’ve come up with 14 ways to style blue kitchen cabinets! 1. White Subway Tile A popular backsplash to pair with blue kitchen cabinets is the white subway tile. This duo is both […]

Nov 21
Floating Shelves

Floating shelves instead of cabinets are a huge trend right now for kitchen remodels. We put together this list to go over some of the pros cons. They are Affordable Cabinets above your counters can cost you upwards of thousands of dollars. These shelves can be anywhere form $10 to $300. The below floating shelves […]

Mar 04
INTERVIEW: Kitchen Studio of Glen Ellyn, Chicago

Roomhints sat down with Susan Klimala, founder of The Kitchen Studio of Glen Ellyn to learn more about how she started her design business and the designer’s favorite hints for kitchen floors, kitchen countertops, kitchen cabinets, or blue kitchen cabinets and more.  Today, the Kitchen Studio of Glen Ellyn is run by Susan Klimala, and […]

Jul 02
8 Hints to use marble countertops in your bathroom and kitchen with Designer Gina Holz!

Hint #1: Use a simple Color Palatte Gina Holz: “For this project, we stuck to a very simple palette. We chose a few colors and materials and repeated them in every room. Such as white and black marble countertops, grays and brass accents. This creates a very cohesive and soothing feel, throughout the house. The eye doesn’t […]

Aug 05
How to Design a Kitchen Backsplash

The past few weeks on Roomhints app our designers have been getting a lot of questions on how to pick the right tile for your kitchen backsplash or bathroom design. So, to help you create a beautiful kitchen backsplash design, we interviewed the fabulous designer, Ryan Saghian, founder of the Design Firm Ryan Saghian. Read more below […]

Oct 30
Picking the Best Kitchen Faucets

What are some of your favorite materials for a kitchen? Kim: “For countertops, Quartz has never disappointed. It’s durability and stain resistance is outstanding – and well worth the price. The color and design options just keep getting better and better!” Kim: “For faucets, I keep going back to Grohe. They are not the cheapest, but […]

Jun 16
Kitchen and Bath Hints such as Blind Corner Hardware with Paulette Bilgart

Plus, hints to pull your home together in a pinch! Paulette Bilgart, who hails from Copenhagen, got her start in design making clothes for rock legends like the Rolling Stones and Crosby, Stills & Nash. She then moved on to designing an American-themed truck stop restaurant, which attracted the interest of Levi Strauss. Bilgart was then […]