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How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies Naturally in your Home

It’s happened to us all. You see a small gnat near your apples and the next day there are twenty fruit flies swarming your bowl of fruit. They are called ‘pests’ for a reason, as a swarm of them can ruin your day. However, you don’t have to deal with these annoying bugs for long if you know the secret to getting rid of them.

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Fruit Flies in Your Kitchen and How to Get Rid of Them

What Causes Fruit Flies?

Fruit flies are tiny enough to get into your home through a window screen, window or door cracks, and holes to your home. Once inside, they seek out a food source, which can be anything from trash to ripe fruit on your countertop. Once a food source is located, an adult fly will start laying eggs (sometimes up to 500 eggs at once). The next day, these eggs hatch and mature to adult flies in a week’s time. Understanding this cycle of a fruit fly, it is no wonder a tiny pest problem can turn into a full on issue.

The Spiritual Meaning of Fruit Flies in your Home

If you have fruit flies in your house, it means that you might have some rotting fruit or molding bread. Aside from the obvious fact, having fruit flies in your home holds a spiritual meaning as well and can be a sign in Feng Shui that there is some bigger issues in your life.

When a fruit fly appears in your home, it is a sign to start facing problems you have been avoiding. Fruit flies appear often out of the blue, and left unchecked, can magnify, turning a slight irritancy into a full on infestation. As in life, don’t let your problems get out of hand. Brave the problem and face it head on. Fruit flies can also symbolize stagnant energy, as they appear when there is rot and mold.

Natural Way to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies Naturally

So back to the physical issue of fruit flies. How do you get rid of them? It seems like whatever method you try, they seem to not only have a problem disappearing, but your fruit fly problem can get even worse.

While it might be instinct to go for the heavy duty chemical solution, we’d advise against it. That’s because if these chemicals can instantly wipe out a bug, what is it doing for our health? A lot of insecticides contain toxins that can cause health issues such as respiratory illness and skin irritation. Going a natural way can be just as effective without the harmful side effects of a chemical solution.

Here is the go-to method for naturally removing fruit flies from your home.

***Hint: Before you start, toss out any overripe fruit that may be attracting fruit flies.

The Apple Cider Vinegar Trick

This is a super easy and cheap method. All you need is apple cider vinegar, a jar or small bowl, and some dish soap.

  1. Fill up the jar with apple cider vinegar. You only need about 1-2” worth of the liquid.
  2. Next, add a few drops of dish soap in. Do not mix.
  3. Then, simply set on your counter or wherever you see fruit flies.

Soon, the container will fill up with the drown flies, as they are attracted to the fermented cider.

Good luck with your fruit fly problem!