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Why you Should Add Color to your Home

For the past half-decade designs have been overstated with the color gray. Why? Gray is easy to design with. It is timeless and practical. It pairs nicely with neutrals and white. It’s safe. It’s easy to clean. But it’s boring. In this article, I will show you some amazing living room color ideas and kitchen color ideas to enrich your life.


  1. What is TASTEFUL COLOR?
  2. Living Room Color Ideas
  3. Kitchen Color Ideas

We think it’s better to live with color than to live in a predominantly grey space. Gray is a cool, neutral, and balanced color. The color gray is an emotionless, moody color that is typically associated with meanings of dull, although it can be conservative, and sophisticated. The color is often associated with loss or depression.

 The colors you surround yourself with will affect your mood. Similar to the way one feels on a grey day. Your gray home will reflect this same sentiment.

We are calling this trend, TASTEFUL COLOR

Tasteful color is adding color to your space in the form a little hint. Color can be difficult and bring people outside of their comfort zones. Especially if you are not used to living with a lot of colors – you will feel out of place. So, tasteful color, keep the majority of the furniture pieces neutral wood, linen or white tones and add pops of color.

Let’s get started.

Living Room Color Ideas

1. Green Accent Chairs

living room with green chairs

Add green to interior design living room
By: JJ Media
Add green to interior design living room
By: JJ Media

Green is the color of durability, environment, luxurious, optimism, healing, well-being, nature, calm and relaxation. Green can also symbolize Spring, harmony, and freshness.

The easiest way to add green to your space is with plants, accessories or accent furniture.

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2. Red Sofa and Warm Neutral Tones

red sofa living room design

Red or rosy colors within a living room add a nice warm and soft feel to the space. Red is the color of warmth, love, boldness, excitement, speed, strength, determination, passion and courage. If you are feeling you need some more of the above in your life than add red to your living room.

3. Yellow Accent Chairs

The color yellow is attention-grabbing, comfortable, lively, optimistic, Summer, happy and brings in energy.

Adding yellow to your space can bring in much-needed energy lift and make you feel happy.

4. Tan Leather and Blue

Blue is a wonderful color for your living room. Blue symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven. It is considered beneficial to the mind and body. Personally, I love blue because it is rich and complements leather perfectly.

Kitchen Color Ideas

1. Black and wood

black bold light pendant kitchen

Design by Raili CA Design

The main color in this kitchen is black and have been used to accent the island, cabinets, chairs, and lights. The use of wood within this space softens the dark black and gives a warm feeling to what could be a harsh black and white kitchen. The balance and minimal aesthetic are precisely what makes this kitchen able to pull off those oversized, asymmetrical light fixtures. By pairing modern lines and decor with organic materials and eclectic fixtures, the designers were able to achieve an aesthetic that is warm neutral, playful modern.

italian modern kitchen

modern contemporary kitchen

modern sleek black kitchen

In the above designs, we love a bold modern aesthetic. Again, this kitchen uses warm wood with the cool black to create a balanced designed. Yes, it uses grey floors but they are muted by the use of this warm wood. The all-black and lack of cabinet pull give this kitchen a clean, sleek look. The wall sconces function to provide task lighting as well as to add pops of warmth to break up the all-black. A waterfall edge on your kitchen island is a great way to maximize space and functionality.

pizza oven kitchen

pizza oven white brick

antique kitchen design

Design by deVOL Kitchens

We love this kitchen so much. The vintage pieces, the herringbone wood floor, the wood details for the cabinets and large brass light fixtures. A luxurious marble countertop rests atop a kitchen island with wall paneling detail and propped up by wooden legs. The kitchen island is flanked by two black chests with a wooden countertop, over which hang two oversized, rusted light pendants. A marble backsplash peeks through opened glass shelving. Changing the cabinet pulls can make a huge impact on a space and can give your kitchen a uniquely-you, curated feel; exhibit A: see above! Oh, and did we mention that pizza oven!!

2. White, wood & gold

large bronze light pendant kitchen

lighting ideas kitchen design

Design by Bria Hammel Interiors

The use of white with wood creates a bright and warm space. Yes, there are grey countertops but imagine those cabinets were grey as well. This space would have a less bright feel to it. With the right design and proper scaling, bold fixtures like these will elevate your kitchen design rather than overwhelming it. The addition of the large gold pendants adds rightness and flare to this design.

3. Blue kitchen

lighting ideas for kitchen

hanging pendant bulbs for kitchen

Design by Raili CA Design

Blue is an extremely popular kitchen color right now. It’s timeless and elegant. In this playfully elegant kitchen, all of the different elements coordinate to create balance and visual interest. The dark blue paint ties together the kitchen island, cupboards, and mini bar. A patterned tile peeks through from behind the stove and the open shelving above the mini home bar. The kitchen island and dining table run parallel to each other, creating a symmetrical effect, yet the blue against the warm wood creates a gentle contrast. The delicate silhouette of the wishbone chairs give the visually heavy dining table a more airy, see-through effect, and the kitchen bar stools repeat its delicate legs in similar style. Finally, delicate light bulb pendants are strung above the dining table as to not obstruct the light.

For more blue inspiration check out our article on blue kitchen cabinets.

4. Green kitchen

green and marble kitchen

Design by deVOL Kitchens

Forest green is a wonderfully warm color. As we noted above, green can also symbolize Spring, harmony, and freshness. These are the exact traits that a kitchen should embody.  This forest green kitchen features traditional elements in the light pendants and decor. The marble countertops and backsplash, as well as the gold hardware, give this kitchen a luxurious feel. Lastly, a wood kitchen island and wood floors give this kitchen some warmth and brighten it up.

green kitchen island

Image Credits: Pinterest


Thank you for reading this article about adding tasteful color to your home. As you can see from the examples above there are many benefits to use color within your space instead of grey.