7 Home Bar Ideas You AND Your Guests will LOVE!

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Nothing completes a home meant for entertaining like a home bar. A home bar is an impactful design statement that sends a powerful message to your guests and instantly creates a sense of luxury and comfort. Whether you’re looking to design a home bar for your kitchen, basement, or backyard, we’ve come up with 7 home bar ideas so that you can create your dream home bar.

1. Dark and cozy

home bar, home bar ideas, modern home bar

Design by Joyce D. Silverman Interiors

A dark color palette mimics the mysterious ambiance of your favorite club or bar. It creates a sense of comfort and is perfect for entertaining spaces where you’ll be hosting night-time cocktail parties or watching movies. In the project above, recessed lighting and ceiling pendants help to create a romantic, cozy ambiance. The room pulls off the darker color palette because of all the natural light this room receives.

home bar, home bar ideas, modern home bar
home bar, home bar ideas, home bar tips

When designing a home bar, a crucial question to ask is what kind of appliances you want/need. Is this going to be a wet or dry bar? Do you require a sink, fridge, or even a microwave? If so, you’ll have to take into account the costs and possibility of setting up water and electricity into the part of your home where you want to install a home bar.

home bar, built in home bar, black home bar

Design by Summer Thornton Design.

An all-black home bar could be the accent wall your all-white home needs. If you have a corner of your home that you can dedicate to a home bar, consider going for a darker color palette because it helps to define the space — exactly what you want for a luxurious, mini retreat within your home. In the project above, the dark, bold color palette helps to define this area of the home as a designated home bar, allowing the homeowners to utilize and get as much use out of this narrow hallway.

2. Stylish and chic

home bar, chic home bar, eclectic home bar, marble countertops, blue barstools

Design by Joyce D. Silverman Interiors

This home bar owes its chic aesthetic to the marble islands and blue bar stools. The mosaic backsplash, which runs floor to ceiling, looks beautiful against the glass liquor bottles. When designing your bar island, make sure that there is space underneath for legroom and, ideally, for barstools to be tucked under when not in use.

home bar, chic home bar
home bar, chic home bar, modern home bar


In this chic home bar, the metal hardware in the barstools and geometric, asymmetrical patterns in the shelving are truly the star of the show. The wooden features give this home bar a more casual chic aesthetic, perfect for the main floor living area.

home bar
home bar

Design by Joyce D. Silverman Interiors

From the barstools to the ceiling pendants, a home bar offers endless design possibilities and creates more opportunities for you to showcase your personal style. Incorporate gold or silver hardware, marble countertops, pops of color, and texture through luxe materials like velvet and fur to achieve this chic aesthetic. ProHINT: Use a double level or two tiered bar island not only for a more sophisticated look, but to create a more versatile space suited for eating, drinking, and socializing.

3. Eclectic

home bar, eclectic home bar, boho home bar

Design by Joyce D. Silverman Interiors

This bar is located in a pool house in Allenhurst, New Jersey that was an old carriage house behind a large victorian home and turned into a chic & modern smart house. Its a place to entertain their guests along side their pool or just an escape from the main house. Inspired by the ceramic tiles, and recycled bottle hand made light fixture everything has a casual and sleek aesthetic. The walnut walls and natural wood barstools warm up the space up and create the perfect blend of organic glamour.

eclectic home bar, boho home bar
home bar, eclectic home bar, boho home bar, beachy home bar

Design by Joyce D. Silverman Interiors

While home bars can be made to look more serious and formal, we love the impact that they have in casual, laid-back spaces. In the spaces above, a home bar epitomizes the fun and playful aesthetic of these eclectic homes. Opt for a unique wallpaper to complete the look. ProHINT: Quirky, DIY accessories complement this casual, down-to-earth aesthetic. Personalize your home bar with cute home decor like DIY blackboards, where you can write your favorite quotes or cute little notes to guests who enter.

4. Luxurious

home bar, luxurious home bar, green living room, green dining room
home bar, green home bar

A home bar is an extravagant and grand feature of the home. In a luxurious setting, a home bar is sure to be the centerpiece of the home. Again, opt for recessed and ceiling pendants to achieve dimmed but functional lighting. Be sure to upgrade your serveware to match the luxurious aesthetic. When designing a home bar, you want to consider the layout of the room and ensure that your home bar works well with the flow of your home. In the project above, the home bar is perfectly integrated with the living and dining area, which makes this space a versatile space for entertaining.

green dining chairs, home bar
green dining chairs, black couch, home bar

Design by Joyce D. Silverman Interiors

In this luxurious home bar, the green accent color in the barstools and dining chairs is what makes this home bar original and memorable. The green chairs and zebra print curtains are grounded by the black color palette, creating an aesthetic that is classic but unique.

home bar, contemporary home bar

Design by Gallagher Interiors.

In this home bar, the homeowners opted for a cleaner, more minimal look by clearing out the liquor and instead centering a piece of artwork. ProHINT: When possible, opt for built-ins that make your home bar look like it was part of the original design of the house. This is going to play up the luxurious feel of your home bar.

5. Classic and timeless

home bar, modern home bar, minimal home bar, open concept
home bar
home bar
contemporary home bar

In this project by bd home interiors, a home bar in the living area helps to connect the kitchen and living room for a more cohesive sense of flow. A home bar in the living room maximizes your ability to utilize your entire living space for entertaining. ProHINT: A lot of times, home bars offer great overflow storage from your kitchen. If you’re worried that you might not get much use out of a home bar, don’t underestimate the extra storage and countertop space that you’ll be getting from it!

home bar, dark home bar

Never underestimate the impact of a beautiful backsplash! Tiny but functional, this home bar occupies a small footprint but constitutes a fun, cool little corner of the home that is sure to wow your guests.

6. Go Blue or Go Home

home bar, blue home bar, luxurious home bar

As a relatively unconventional design feature, a home bar is the perfect opportunity to play with bolder colors. Blue seems to be a popular fan favorite because it is a fun and playful color, but still soothing and timeless. Plus, is there anything more charming than how gold hardware looks against a blue color palette?

blue home bar
blue home bar, coffee table, living room couch

Something you want to consider when designing a home bar is how you’re going to use this space. Is the home bar simply an area to store and make drinks, or is it going to be a place for entertaining and socializing? If you’re planning to entertain around your home bar, make sure that you have ample and comfortable seating. While barstools around your home bar is sufficient, it’s always nice to have a dining, kitchen, or living area that guests can spill over to from the home bar area, with sofas and accent chairs all around. Guests will appreciate having a seat to crash on after having one too many drinks!

blue home bar
blue home bar

Design by Cindy Witmer Designs.

Another thing to consider when designing a home bar is whether or not you want to display wine. You can opt for a wine glass cellar or diagonal shelving, which adds visual interest because of its geometric pattern.

blue home bar, chevron backsplash
blue home bar, blue kitchen, blue cabinetry, chevron backsplash

Design by Dan Scotti Design.

In this home bar, the chevron pattern in the backsplash is playful surprise against the dark, moody countertops and cabinetry. Every detail counts: the recessed lighting above the open shelving helps to illuminate this dark color palette.

Joyce D. Silverman’s Best Advice for Designing Home Bars

Joyce: “When designing a home bar its important that it’s durable, comfortable, and convenient. Always make sure appliances are quiet and concealed and it has versatility, like an extra place to serve dessert or store your wine collection. Aesthetic is everything since it’s usually such a focal point in the room it’s in so make sure it always looks neat and accessorized. If using a natural stone make sure it’s sealed for durability incase a guest forgets a coaster. Always make sure your bar is stocked with different liquors so you have something for everyone who comes to visit.”

blue home bar

Design by Patrick Schmitt.

We love how the blue looks against the warm wood, and these bar stools are to die for. In contrast with the previous project, this project features exclusively open shelving. Open shelving or glass cases are a great way to showcase your liquor, drinkware, and other bar accessories. In a home bar, the drinks definitely count as home decor and should be spotlighted as the star of the show!

7. Classic farmhouse

home bar, farmhouse, traditional home bar, rustic home bar
home bar, farmhouse, traditional home bar, rustic home bar

A rustic, woodsy home bar introduces a classic, traditional element in a farmhouse setting. Accessorize your bar with farmhouse decor and you have a beautiful bar that feels like it’s truly part of the home. ProHINT: When designing a home bar, make sure you choose a durable, beautiful bar surface! Because home bars are a luxurious investment, you want to ensure that your countertop can stand the test of time, as well as visually wow your guests. Moreover, choose a durable countertop and a durable floor so that your home bar can withstand spills and other messes. One option is to use a durable porcelain floor in the bar area. This is not only functional but is visually pleasing and helps to define this area of your home. Just like any kitchen area, be sure to use durable materials for countertops and flooring!

home bar, farmhouse, traditional home bar, rustic home bar
home bar, farmhouse, traditional home bar, rustic home bar

Design by Cindy Witmer Designs.

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