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Guide to Buying a Canopy Bed

Of all the rooms in your home, your bedroom should be your ultimate sanctuary. A canopy bed is the perfect way to add comfort and sophistication to your bedroom retreat, instantly taking your master suite to the next level. We’ve come up with this comprehensive guide to canopy beds so that you can create and enjoy your perfect oasis.

canopy bed, modern canopy bed, gold canopy bed

Image credits: Pinterest.

Where are canopy beds best used?

Canopy beds can be used in any interior design style. With their growing popularity, many different variations of the canopy bed have been popping up on the market, giving you more options to choose from. They come in so many different styles, so it’s easy to find one that fits your design aesthetic. Canopy beds are perfect for classic and modern bedrooms alike!

Canopy beds are best used in large rooms with lots of natural light. They’re typically used in kids and master bedrooms. They’re great in lofty spaces with high ceilings. In spaces with lots of vertical space, you want to create more layers and dimensions. You can do this with low-hanging light fixtures, artwork, or — a canopy bed! A canopy bed creates another level to the room, which is perfect for spaces with high ceilings. ProHINT: Be sure that you have at least a foot of space between the canopy bed and the ceiling to allow for breathing room and to avoid making the space look too cramped.

canopy bed, midcentury modern canopy bed

Design by Decor Aid.

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Pros and Cons of Canopy Beds


Style: The most obvious appeal of canopy beds is their undeniable style. Canopy beds create a huge impact and completely transform the look of your bedroom.

Versatility: As previously mentioned, canopy beds are a versatile design piece with many different styles to choose from. Plus, all of the different ways you can style a canopy bed with curtains, linens, and other accessories makes this bed frame all the more versatile.

Temperature regulation: The linens used to drape over a canopy bed can be used for heat retention during the winter and for cooling during the summer. Fun fact: canopy beds were first developed centuries ago for this very purpose! With the warmth that they provide, canopy beds truly live up to their cozy reputation.

Blocking out light and sound: Similarly, the linens used to drape over a canopy bed can be used to block out light and muffle sounds. They also offer more privacy. You will definitely appreciate these perks on weekend mornings when you want to sleep in. During the day, simply tie the curtains to the bedposts so that the bed looks clean and is accessible. Through form and function, canopy beds truly create a mini oasis in your bedroom. The only downside: you may never want to leave your bed!

Keeping out pests: In more tropical areas, a canopy bed may be used in luxurious getaway homes. You can then drape a protective netting over your canopy bed to keep out mosquitos and other insects.

canopy bed, farmhouse canopy bed

Image credits: Pottery Barn.

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Maintenance: Canopy beds require a little more maintenance than your standard bed frame for two reasons. First, dust tends to collect on the top beams, so you’ll have to dust regularly (especially since this is where you’ll be sleeping!). Second, if you decide to add decorative curtains to your canopy bed, that adds another set of linens that you’ll have to wash and maintain.

Size: Because canopy beds are much larger than your typical bed frame, they take up a lot of space in your room. This is not ideal for smaller spaces or for spaces with low ceilings, where a canopy bed might make a room feel cramped. They are also not ideal for spaces with little natural light because canopy beds tend to obstruct light.

Assembly: Canopy beds may be heavy and difficult to move, assemble, and take apart. Be sure you keep this in mind when you purchase a canopy bed — look for one that is fairly user friendly in terms of assembly!

Commitment: Canopy beds are a long-term investment — make sure you’re willing to make this design commitment!

canopy bed, neutral canopy bed

Design by bd home interiors. Photography by Eric Rorer.

How to Style a Canopy Bed

There are so many different ways you can style a canopy bed — here are our top 5 picks.

1. Curtains

Curtains are the most obvious way to style a canopy bed. There are so many ways to customize your canopy bed curtains, from the color to the material and texture. You can tie the curtains to bed posts, leave them flowing freely, or pull them closed. You can also use drapery on the top of your canopy bed or where the headboard would be. The ability to change the drapery gives you more options to customize your bed to your personal tastes, and you can update these linens as your style (and trends!) changes and evolves. Updating your linens is a much more flexible and hassle-free way to switch up your canopy bed, as opposed to reupholstering a standard bed frame.

canopy bed, summer thornton

Design by Summer Thornton Design.

2. Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are a huge fan favorite among people of all ages. Decorate the beams of your canopy bed with fairy lights to instantly create a romantic ambiance. In kids’ rooms, fairy lights may be just what you need to complete the ultimate princess room or girly getaway. Or, bust out the fairy lights during the holidays to switch up your bedroom decor in an easy and affordable way. As you can see below, fairy lights can look appropriate in adult bedrooms when applied in a clean, minimal way.

canopy bed, fairy lights, gray beige canopy bed

Image credits: Revival Supply.

canopy bed, boho canopy bed, urban outfitters canopy bed, eva wooden canopy bed

Image credits: Urban Outfitters.

3. Throws and Pillows

Because canopy beds feature a lot of hard surfaces and lines, throws and pillows are especially important to soften up your space. A plush white throw contrasts perfectly against the clean lines and warm wood of a canopy bed. Patterned sheets or pillows also pair nicely with the minimalist look of modern canopy beds.

modern canopy bed, canopy bed

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4. A Bed Bench

Because the beams and shape of a canopy bed can tend to have a boxy effect, including a bed bench at the foot of the bed can help to extend the bed into the rest of the room and make it look more cohesive with the rest of the space. Bed benches are not only highly functional for storage and sitting, but can be used to play up the design aesthetic you are trying to achieve. Use a white faux fur bed bench for luxurious bedroom spaces, a leather bed bench in more rustic or masculine spaces, or an upholstered bed bench in more laid back settings. While there’s something to be said about simplicity, canopy beds can tend to look boring with their unadorned beams. Introducing another design element to the room, like a bed bench, helps to add visual interest to the bed area.

canopy bed, anthropologie canopy bed

Image credits: Anthropologie.

5. A Rug

Because canopy beds have such a boxy silhouette and a large footprint, it is extremely important to tie in the bed with the rest of the space so that it looks cohesive, rather than separate, from the rest of the bedroom. A rug helps to connect the canopy bed with the rest of the space and other pieces in the room. You can go with a larger rug that spans the entire bed frame, or you can go with a smaller rug that peeks through from under the canopy bed and helps to add visual interest. Incorporating a rug under your canopy bed gives you more design options, from the color and pattern to the material to the size and shape, and allows you to truly highlight the canopy bed as a focal point in the room.

canopy bed, industrial canopy bed

Image credits: Room & Board.

Top 8 Canopy Bed Styles

With so many different styles to choose from, we’ve narrowed down the top 8 ways to style a canopy bed so that you can find the perfect canopy bed for your home.

1. Modern and contemporary

modern canopy bed, contemporary canopy bed

Design by Decor Aid.

While canopy beds are traditionally associated with more decadent styles, more modern and streamlined designs have become available in recent years. Modern canopy beds trade this romantic aesthetic for a more contemporary look without sacrificing any of the luxury or classy appeal. The crisp look of clean, unadorned beams is truly timeless.

2. Classy and elegant

canopy bed, chic canopy bed

Design by Joyce D. Silverman Interiors.

gold canopy bed, acrylic canopy bed

Image credits: Bernhardt.

These beds are classy, elegant pieces of furniture that instantly elevate a space. The poster beams and curtains envelope you in comfort and tranquility. As the focal point in your bedroom, your bed frame helps to define the overall aesthetic and ambiance of the room. Going with a simple yet sophisticated canopy bed is a fool-proof way to achieve a refined, charming aesthetic.

3. Luxurious

luxurious canopy bed

Design by Sasha Bikoff Interior Design.

gold canopy bed

Image credits: Z Gallerie.

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Naturally, canopy beds are associated with luxury and grandeur. They are a grand piece of furniture that act as the focal point of the room and can be decorated with ornate furnishings. Choose a more neutral palette for your canopy bed for a classic chic look, or opt for a more regal, royal aesthetic for an opulent and majestic effect. In luxurious settings, make a statement with a dramatic piece of furniture like a striking canopy bed.

4. Country farmhouse

farmhouse canopy bed
canopy bed

Image credits: Pottery Barn.

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For a farmhouse aesthetic, opt for a canopy bed to create a casual yet sophisticated ambiance. Muted, cool-toned beiges are better suited for this light, airy aesthetic as opposed to rich, saturated warm browns. This is a great way to introduce a traditional silhouette into a modern farmhouse aesthetic.

5. Coastal and beachy

coastal canopy bed

Design by Michele Safra.

As previously mentioned, canopy beds are highly functional because they keep warmth in, block light and noise out, and offer more privacy and protection from pesty insects. For these reasons, they are a great option in vacation homes in tropical settings. This bed helps to make the space feel laid-back and serene. Plus, the warm browns in a canopy bed and soft blues in the drapery are a match made in heaven.

6. Traditional

traditional canopy bed

Design by Summer Thornton Design.

traditional canopy bed

Image credits: Pinterest.

There is nothing like the classic charm of a traditional canopy bed. In a traditional setting, a canopy bed perfectly frames your bed and allows you to incorporate traditional patterns in the fabric, instantly adding character to the room. Whether you go for a rich, vibrant traditional palette filled with royal reds and golds or a muted aesthetic with mossy greens and pale yellows, a bed adorned with traditional patterns is sure to make a statement.

7. Romantic

romantic canopy bed

Design by Jen Talbot Design.

fairytale canopy bed, princess canopy bed

Image credit: Pinterest.

Canopy beds are known for their dreamy appeal. A canopy bed is an absolute must when creating the fairytale room of your dreams. With the right accessories, a simple canopy bed can be made to look romantic and etherial. Decorate them with gorgeous tule and twinkling fairy lights and you’ll be sure to meet your prince charming in your dreams!

8. Boho Canopy Bed

boho canopy bed

Image credits: Urban Outfitters.

boho canopy bed
boho bed, unique bed

Image credits: Pinterest.

When paired with fairy lights and flowy drapery, this bed introduces a fun, whimsical design element in a boho setting. Opt for a lower bed base like the one pictured above to achieve this boho look. The gorgeous warm browns are perfect in this setting. Be sure to add lots of layers, dimension, and texture through rugs, throws and pillows, and other accessories to achieve this eclectic look.

For more bedroom ideas check out our Feng Shui bedroom or Feng Shui for Romance articles.

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