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Apr 22
5 Collapsable Storage Bins to Bring Zen to Your Living Space 

Storage boxes, the underestimated hero to bringing productivity and harmony to our living spaces. Having a good organizational strategy and the tools, such as, collapsable storage bins, to execute it is of the utmost importance to making your home feel cozy and in balance.  Consult any productivity expert, and they’ll tell you that an organized […]

May 29
7 Hints for a Sustainable Interior Design in Los Angeles

Hey! At Roomhints, we are always trying to find fabulous ways in which we can educate our audience and inspire with sustainable design. Today we sat down with the fabulous Sharlene Kayne of @skaynedesigns to learn about her 100% sustainably designed home. 1. Tell us a bit about who you are 🙂 I am an […]

Mar 04
The Best Lighting Hints for Your Home

This was a sweet historic Crocker Highlands, Oakland home, which we renovated in its entirety from the studs up. Lighting was definitely an area where we pushed the boundaries to create a truly unique and eye-catching space. The client wanted a major refresh, but we showed reverence to the original details (note historic moldings, floor, etc). BEFORE: AFTER: We incorporated […]

Feb 26
The Best Living Room Furniture Hints

This beautiful renovation by Lane McNab Interiors gave Roomhints a ton of great living room furniture ideas. The client purchased this transitional, elegant, three story home in the Berkeley Hills with an expansive view of the Bay last year. Although it was a fairly recent custom home, it needed updates and some high end touches to make […]

Feb 19
Guide to Pull Off Eclectic Decor

Can’t decide which interior design style you love most? Do you find yourself torn between modern farmhouse and sleek contemporary? For many people, an eclectic style is the perfect way to borrow from and mesh your favorite parts of every design style. Eclectic decor is the perfect way to showcase your unique style and personality and play with […]

Feb 04
How to Design a Home Perfect for Entertaining

From holiday gatherings to birthday parties and movie night, home entertaining is a huge priority for many. There are a ton of things you can do to step up your entertaining game, from simple furniture arrangements to elaborate home improvement projects. Want to know all of our tips, tricks, and advice when it comes to […]

Jan 31
How to Add Chintz Fabrics to Your Home Design

Chintz is a vintage style pattern used originally for wallpaper and furniture coverings. Chintz Fabric is a luscious material, often with a floral design and glazed finish. This pattern used to be associated with your Grandmother’s furniture but, it is making a huge comeback as more and more designers are creating modern and contemporary Chintz patterns for fabric, […]

Jan 28
Top 3 Statement-Piece Sofas

As the biggest piece of furniture in your living room, your sofa is typically the focal point of your living space. It should make a statement and immediately capture the eyes and hearts of guests. We narrowed down our top 3 statement-piece sofas — keep reading to see what they are! 1. Curved Sofa Design by Decor […]

Jan 22
How to Create a Modern but Warm Home with NYC Designer Threshold Interiors

This brand-new apartment required decor and lighting to capture the drama of the cityscape. Its modern interior makes this space look nice and cohesive. We added track lighting and chandeliers, built-in cabinetry, decorative paint effects, wallpaper, tile, and window treatments to tie it all together. Our biggest challenge, as the interior designers for this space, was the floor-to-ceiling windows […]

Jan 22
Ottomans and Coffee Table: A Complete Guide

Roomhints compiled this comprehensive guide to ottomans and coffee tables, featuring the work of interior designer Angela Grace. A Bay Area native, Angela has been in the home design space for over 5 years. Check out her projects below and let us know what you think! Coffee tables and ottomans both serve similar functions: they both can offer storage, […]