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Category: Layout

Nov 30
6 Hints to Arrange a Living Room with a Corner Fireplace

A corner fireplace is absolutely stunning and a treat to have, however, it can sometimes be difficult to arrange furniture around. We created this post to help you to arrange your furniture in your living room with a corner fireplace and to give some helpful hints as to how energy moves around your layout. We […]

Feb 04
How to Design a Home Perfect for Entertaining

From holiday gatherings to birthday parties and movie night, home entertaining is a huge priority for many. There are a ton of things you can do to step up your entertaining game, from simple furniture arrangements to elaborate home improvement projects. Want to know all of our tips, tricks, and advice when it comes to […]

May 09
12 Square Living Room Layouts

One of the hardest things to figure out when you move into a new space, is how should I layout the furniture? Roomhints has come up with 12 unique layout hints for your square living room with a corner fireplace. Furnishing or redesigning your living room is fun: The feeling of success when you find the perfect […]