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Jan 22
How to Style a Blue Sofa

A blue sofa is a hot trend at the moment, for good reason. They instantly inject personality and creativity into your space. There are also so many different ways you can utilize a blue sofa as a design piece: to create luxury, to add a bold pop of color, to create a dark, cozy ambiance. […]

Jan 22
7 Home Bar Ideas You AND Your Guests will LOVE!

Nothing completes a home meant for entertaining like a home bar. A home bar is an impactful design statement that sends a powerful message to your guests and instantly creates a sense of luxury and comfort. Whether you’re looking to design a home bar for your kitchen, basement, or backyard, we’ve come up with 7 home bar […]

Jan 21
Highly Coveted Lighting Designer, Lindsey Adelman

New York-based lighting designer Lindsey Adelman is known for her highly coveted, highly exclusive pieces and innovative, one-of-a-kind designs. We sat down with Lindsey to hear her thoughts on her collection and on light design. Getting to Know Lighting Designer, Lindsey Adelman What is your favorite piece? My current favorite is a new Catch Wall sconce with […]

Jan 21
How to Style Built-In Bookshelves

Built in bookshelves are a great way to elevate a blank wall while creating storage space. They’re an opportunity for you to organize your things with custom storage and display as well as showcase your style, interests, and personality. More than just a place to stash your things, built-in bookshelves add incredible style, charm, and […]

Nov 15
Best Freestanding Fireplace for Your Home

Winter is coming, and that means it’s time to break out the fluffy blankets, hot chocolate and curl up near a crackling fire or a freestanding fireplace. There’s just one problem: you don’t have a fireplace. Fortunately, that doesn’t need to halt your quintessential winter experience. Instead, invest in a freestanding fireplace. We’ve gone through […]

Jan 20
7 Hints to Style a Bar Cart

A bar cart is the perfect home accessory: it provides extra storage, is perfect for home entertaining, and elevates your space. As a place to congregate around and a way for guests to socialize and interact with the home, a bar cart makes your home more comfortable and inviting. Having a bar cart allows guests to […]

Jan 16
Why Every Home Needs Skylar Morgan

Roomhints interviewed designer and founder, Skylar Morgan to understand why he created the Skylar Morgan line and what his work embodies. Skylar Morgan defines his style as American Modern, what is American Modern? To me, American Modern is a design philosophy that has its own signature. Unlike a lot of other styles that have been […]

Dec 14
INTERVIEW: Door Hardware with New York Architect Paul Gleicher

Roomhints interviewed New York Architect Paul Gleicher to understand the best practices for picking the right door hardware for your space. Step 1: Decide whether you want a lever or a knob? Narrow your selection down to a lever handle or a knob. Paul: “Stylistically, for a Dallas apartment project, we chose a simple knob […]

Dec 06
7 Hints to Pick the Right Flooring

Roomhints interviewed designer Gabriela Gargano founder of Grisoro Designs to learn about choosing the right flooring for a project. We put together this guide to help you understand the difference between engineered wood or solid wood, tiles or to choose carpet such as Stark Carpet. Hint #1 What are the existing floors like? Gabriela: “The condition […]

Mar 28
Modern Design with Jennifer Wagner Schmidt

Roomhints interviewed designer Jennifer Wagner Schmidt of JWS Interiors and learned what inspires her, as well as, her affordable modern design tips to keep a room looking luxurious without sacrificing quality. 1. Briefly tell us a bit about you: Jennifer: “I’m a D.C. area-based decorator focusing on residential design. My design philosophy is to keep […]

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