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Why Every Home Needs Skylar Morgan

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Roomhints interviewed designer and founder, Skylar Morgan to understand why he created the Skylar Morgan line and what his work embodies.

Skylar Morgan defines his style as American Modern, what is American Modern?

To me, American Modern is a design philosophy that has its own signature. Unlike a lot of other styles that have been shaped by practices & influences originally brought over from Europe, American Modern is about breaking away from tradition — in other words, creating an autonomous style that’s unique to our nation’s young history with its focus on originality, innovative materials, and highly functional design.

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[blockquote pull=”pullright”] Focus on originality, innovative materials, and highly functional design.  [/blockquote]

Not only does American Modern embrace ideals that I think have become synonymous with our national identity, such as practicality, convenience, and efficiency, but it also emphasizes organic warmth & an innate respect for raw, natural beauty – all elements I try to incorporate & harmonize with one another when designing a new Skylar Morgan piece.

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We notice you love to use fabulous woods in your projects. Why do you love working with wood?

For Skylar Morgan, wood has always been my material of choice, and it’s what I know best. I love that it’s a natural living product with a mind & appearance of its own, and that no two pieces of wood are alike. Each time I get to start with a new piece of raw wood, it’s like opening a gift.

How did wood become your material of choice?

I began woodworking when I was 14 years old and have been involved with it ever since, so it’s essentially become a part of who I am. Growing up in Montana, I spent a lot of my time shadowing my uncle in his cabinetry shop, and then later, had the opportunity to apprentice under master woodworker Jeffrey Greene for two years in Pennsylvania. It was under his mentorship that I was able to really hone my skills & harness my passion for woodworking, as well as develop my own singular style.

What are some of your favorite types of wood to work with?

Oak and walnut are my two staples, but rare species of wood — like sinker cypress and rosewoods — are what really get me excited. Two of our most recent Skylar Morgan furniture launches – our Hillock armoire and Spirit Steward bar cabinet – utilize Louisiana sinker cypress and rare rosewood veneer, respectively, to an absolutely stunning effect.

Tell us a little bit about the Skylar Morgan furniture line? When did you start it?

skylar morgan

Our furniture line officially launched in 2016 during ICFF Miami. Most of its founding pieces were developed while working with clients on custom projects, but it’s since evolved to incorporate pieces that I wanted to create for myself, and would illustrate my love for great materials and simple design. As we age the work gets better and more innovative – I’m always finding new materials and techniques to introduce into the line.

What are a few of your favorite pieces?


The Skylar Morgan, Arciform Credenza and Arc Stool are two of my current favorite pieces. I’m also excited about a new dining chair that we’re currently working on and will be launching in the near future.


What types of projects do you see your furniture being used in?

Pretty much any kind of project imaginable! We’ve installed pieces — both custom, and from our core furniture line — in numerous restaurants, retail, hospitality, and public spaces across the country. We’ve also seen a lot of pieces being used in personal residences in and around the Atlanta area, where we’re based. That’s one of the great things about our furniture offerings – all of our pieces are built to withstand even the hardest-working contract and hospitality environments, in addition to residential use. Looking to the future, I would love to see our work more in residential and hospitality projects.

What’s next for Skylar Morgan?

We’re currently in the midst of developing our furniture offerings for 2019, which will include two firsts for our line – a bed, and an outdoor sofa – among other new pieces. More generally speaking, however, my hope is to continue learning as many new skills and methods as possible, drawing inspiration from my idol architects & designers, and nurturing my passion for fine handmade furniture.

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