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Jan 21
Highly Coveted Lighting Designer, Lindsey Adelman

New York-based lighting designer Lindsey Adelman is known for her highly coveted, highly exclusive pieces and innovative, one-of-a-kind designs. We sat down with Lindsey to hear her thoughts on her collection and on light design. Getting to Know Lighting Designer, Lindsey Adelman What is your favorite piece? My current favorite is a new Catch Wall sconce with […]

Mar 04
INTERVIEW: Kitchen Studio of Glen Ellyn, Chicago

Roomhints sat down with Susan Klimala, founder of The Kitchen Studio of Glen Ellyn to learn more about how she started her design business and the designer’s favorite hints for kitchen floors, kitchen countertops, kitchen cabinets, or blue kitchen cabinets and more.  Today, the Kitchen Studio of Glen Ellyn is run by Susan Klimala, and […]

Dec 14
INTERVIEW: Door Hardware with New York Architect Paul Gleicher

Roomhints interviewed New York Architect Paul Gleicher to understand the best practices for picking the right door hardware for your space. Step 1: Decide whether you want a lever or a knob? Narrow your selection down to a lever handle or a knob. Paul: “Stylistically, for a Dallas apartment project, we chose a simple knob […]

Nov 29
Stunning Pink Tile Bathroom Remodel

Tell us about this gorgeous modern pink tile bathroom remodel Jen: “The client I worked with for this home was amazing and very open to different bathroom remodel ideas and trying new things. She wanted to take some risks, which was lovely. This  space was originally a second laundry room which we transformed to a […]

Jul 02
8 Hints to use marble countertops in your bathroom and kitchen with Designer Gina Holz!

Hint #1: Use a simple Color Palatte Gina Holz: “For this project, we stuck to a very simple palette. We chose a few colors and materials and repeated them in every room. Such as white and black marble countertops, grays and brass accents. This creates a very cohesive and soothing feel, throughout the house. The eye doesn’t […]

Mar 28
Modern Design with Jennifer Wagner Schmidt

Roomhints interviewed designer Jennifer Wagner Schmidt of JWS Interiors and learned what inspires her, as well as, her affordable modern design tips to keep a room looking luxurious without sacrificing quality. 1. Briefly tell us a bit about you: Jennifer: “I’m a D.C. area-based decorator focusing on residential design. My design philosophy is to keep […]

Mar 13
The Power of Vintage

1. Briefly tell us a bit about you:  Anne: “I have been blogging since 2008, with my signature smart yet stylish approach to fashion, interiors, entertaining and more. I love to write about and share my vintage finds. I am a graduate of Stanford University, worked as a consumer strategist in Manhattan prior to becoming a full-time content […]

Jan 06
Mint Green Mid-Century Modern

Our interview on decorating with mint green to achieve that mid-century modern look with designer Chelsea Bieber of Style Mutt Home 1. How did you get into interior design? Chelsea: “Well it wasn’t a conscious decision to get into interior design – that’s for sure! My interest in home decorating didn’t begin until I was […]

Aug 05
Designer Interview with Ryan Saghian

  The past few weeks on Roomhints app our designers have been getting a lot of questions on how to pick the right tile for your kitchen backsplash or bathroom design. So, to help you create a beautiful kitchen backsplash design, we interviewed the fabulous designer, Ryan Saghian, founder of the Design Firm Ryan Saghian. Read more […]

Jan 23
How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost? – Lindsay Cerilli

Roomhints sat down with the fabulous designer, Lindsay Cerilli, founder of Cerulean Concepts to dig deeper into understanding how much does a typical bathroom remodel cost. Cerulean Concepts is a full service interior design and project management company in Austin, Texas. Interview with Lindsay 1. How much does a typical bathroom remodel cost? Determining a budget for […]