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The Attract-Love-with-Feng-Shui Checklist

By Happy House Feng Shui

To attract love with Feng Shui in the quickest way possible see how many items on the checklist below you can complete in both the Love areas of your home and in your bedroom. 


How to Find Your Feng Shui Love Area

To find the Love area of a room, stand in its doorway. Point to the farthest right corner. That is the Love area. Start with the room you use the most. Then move onto the room you use second most and so on. Do as much or as little as feels good.

Feng Shui for Love

Items to Add:

  • Add Symbols of the Partner You Want to Attract 

For good Feng Shui in your bedroom and in your Love area(s) add symbols, objects or reminders of how your partner will act, what you will do together, what he will look like and most importantly – how he will make you feel. 

  • Add Symbols of L-O-V-E, Candles, Red, Pink and Good Scents 

In your bedroom and in in Love area(s) add candles, fresh flowers (never fake flowers) and pink or red objects. Extra credit for identical objects in twos. To keep that lovin’ feeling alive, also add objects that feel like or represent love to you in your Love area(s) and bedroom.

  • Add Pictures of Couples you Admire in Your Love Area(s) – But Not in Your Bedroom

There is no better symbol of love – than actual love. Put pictures of couples you honor in your Love corner. Just don’t put pictures of other people, family or friends in your bedroom – that is a big no-no.

  • Add Symbols, Photos or Objects from Earth in Your Love Area(s)

Earth is the primary element associated with the Love in Feng Shui. Add objects such as pottery and plants, etc. here.

  • Add Identical Things in Twos 

To support the idea and energy of an equal partnership, add two identical things in your Love area(s) and bedroom.

  • Add Square, Columnar or Pointy Things 

Square is the shape of associated with the element of earth in Feng Shui, and earth is the primary element associated with the Love corner. Columnar and pointy objects are the shape associated with element of Fire. Fire is the supportive element to Love in Feng Shui. Add these shapes to your Love area(s).

Items to Remove:

  • Remove Anything That is or Feels Cold 

Because no one wants cold love, remove anything that feels chilly from your Love area(s) and the bedroom.

  • Remove Anything That is or Feels Singular 

You want to be in a twosome not an alone-some. To avoid solitude, always put things in twos in your Love area(s) and bedroom. Avoid things in threes to prevent an outside influence or person from impacting your relationship. 

  • Remove Anything that Feels Negative

We are all done with negativity in our relationships, so remove anything that feels that way from your Love area(s) and bedroom.

  • Remove Metal and Wood or Symbols of Them

Metal and wood are unsupportive elements to earth, and earth is the primary element associated with the Love in Feng Shui. Try to take away all metal and wood objects from your Love area(s).

  • Remove Gray, White, Green 

Gray and white are the colors associated with metal in Feng Shui. Green is the color associated with wood. Metal and wood are the unsupportive element to the Love corner in Feng Shui. Remove these colors from your Love area(s).

  • Remove Storage from Your Love Area(s) 

Because we are all done with baggage in a relationship, right? 

  • Remove, and Ideally Dispose of, Reminders of Past Relationships

In order to be in a new relationship, you need to get the old relationship out of your life. To do so, remove as many reminders of past relationships as possible from your Love area(s) and bedroom.

  • Remove Games 

We are done with those in our relationships, so remove them from your Love area(s) and bedroom. 

  • Remove Dead plants from Your Love Area(s) and Your Bedroom

Dead plants are dead energy, and no one wants deadbeat love—give those babies to the compost pile

  • Remove Torn or Broken Objects 

Because no one wants damaged goods in their love department, remove them from your bedroom and Love area(s).

  • Remove Clutter, Dirt, Dust, Messes 

Energy flows through our homes in a very specific way. Unpleasant and unnecessary objects, dirt, dust and messes block this natural energy flow. When energy is not able to flow freely in your bedroom and Love corner, the overall energy related to the love in your life gets blocked, stuck, and stagnant. Remove as much clutter, dirt, dust and messes as possible from your Love area(s) and bedroom.

  • Have Identical Nightstands and Lamps in Your Bedroom

Because you want a relationship that is equal – make both sides of the bed equal 

  • Sleep on a Comfortable Mattress with Comfy Sheets

The comfier your mattress and sheets, the better you will sleep (and the more in the mood for love all will be).

  • Make it So You and Your Partner Can Easily Approach Your Bed from Both Sides 

You want a relationship that is equal, so make both sides of the bed equally accessible

  • Use a Dimmer on Lights in the Bedroom 

To set the mood as you would like, when you would like 

  • Don’t Use Someone Else’s Mattress

You want to attract only the energy you want. You also want to keep anyone else’s energy (and bad energy) away from you 

  • Remove Electronics, TV, Computer(s), Books, Paperwork, Bills, Work or Fitness Equipment

These are distractions that often hold a lot of energy that could interfere with your love life, remove them from your Love area(s) and bedroom.

  • Don’t Sleep in a Twin Bed

This is singular and as such a no-no in attracting and keeping love around

  • Don’t Have a Mirror Facing the Bed

A mirror is too much energy coming at you while you sleep. Mirrors are also symbolic of water, and you do not want your passion or your sleep to be “doused”.

  • Don’t Have Storage Under Bed

Stuff under your bed does not allow for free-flowing energy near the bed and clogs positive energy around love and sleep.

  • Remove Dirty Laundry Sprawl

It is probably pretty obvious how this literally and metaphorically could interfere with love, no? If you store dirty laundry in your Love area(s) or bedroom – make sure it is kept extra tidy.

  • Remove Water or Symbols of It 

Because water is considered to “douse” passion and the fire of love in Feng Shui, remove it from your bedroom and Love area(s). 

  • Remove Photos of Friends or Relatives from the Bedroom

Friends and relatives have a place, but not in your bedroom. 


Feng Shui Bedroom Beautiful


  • Nothing you add needs to be seen to work. You can put things behind furniture, in a drawer, behind a piece of art etc. 
  • Perfect is the enemy of good – do what you can with what you have and don’t stress the rest.
  • You can Feng Shui the Love area in as few or as many rooms as you would like (obviously the more the better, as long as what you are doing feels good and not overwhelming).

For more awesome and super simple Feng Shui tips, check out the book Lazy Luck by Linda Rubright, Founder of Happy House Feng Shui.

**Curious for more Feng Shui hints check out our Feng Shui for Romance article and adding a Money Tree to your home.

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