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7 Hints to Feng Shui Your Bedroom for Romance


Since we all know love is so important in our lives, Roomhints sat down with a few Feng Shui Masters to understand the hints to really make your room be as sexy as it can be. Read more below and see our Feng Shui hints on

Ignite that passion 🙂



Your Bedroom is alive. It speaks to you all the time. Ask yourself what feelings and emotions is my bedroom alive with? Have I made more love or arguments?

Why use the Art Feng Shui to Help Improve Romance in Your Life?

Because it works! As Katie Rogers, founder of Katie Rogers Feng Shui illustrates, ” I have had several clients use cures in the Romance section of their home, and very, very quickly meet the partner of their dreams.” Says Katie Rogers.

What’s a great client romance success story based on your work?

Katie: “One client hadn’t had a date in two years, which was amazing given she is an attractive, smart, and fun lady! She was obviously blocked. For part of her cure suggestions, she was to place a pair of candles in the Romance area of her bedroom and light them with the intention to bring in a life-long partner. Within ten minutes, the phone rang. It was someone asking her on a date! They went out for a few months, and although he didn’t end up being “the one,” she did meet her current husband only 9 months later, and they were married within the year!”

It’s incredibly powerful if you do the work and believes in it. If you don’t believe in what you are doing or have any skepticism – it won’t work.

What is the Romance area of your room?

Katie: “The romance area of your room is based on the Bagua map. A Bagua map can be placed over the entire home to find the romance area of your whole home or over a single room.”

Bagua Map for Feng Shui

Again, Feng Shui work is very specific to the person. The Feng Shui cures based on a Bagua map that works for one person may not work for another – so we always recommend getting a personalized Feng Shui consultation for your space.

In the meantime, here are a few general hints you can try for your space.

Feng Shui Bedroom for Romance: Hint #1, NO ELECTRONICS

electronics in bedroom feng shui

We are all addicted to our screens but this is the number 1 killer of romance in the bedroom. Try to avoid having your computer, phone or a TV in your room.

Electronics pull the focus away from romance and provide endless opportunities for interruptions in the bedroom. (We’re looking at you, iPhones, tablets and laptops.)

Feng Shui Bedroom for Romance: Hint #2, Make room for romance.

When we are single we make the bed and make sure our room is clean just in case we happen to meet someone to bring home that night. Or are bringing someone back that we really like. This same mindset should apply for when you are in a relationship as well. Make your bed, keep your room clean of clutter and mess. Be excited to enter your room each day.

Feng Shui Bedroom for Romance: Hint #3, Colors

romantic bedroom feng shui

If you are looking to increase romance in your life add a little red, pink and fire to your space. Get a pink or red pillow. Add red flowers to your bedside table. Or a red candle. In addition, invest in nice bedding and sheets.

“Update your sheets and blankets with soft, warm textures and colors,” Tiff says. And if the size of the room — and the budget — allows, “get a bed with a solid headboard.” You can read more about optimal beds and Feng Shui Bedrooms.

“For relationships, lots of people need pink or purple.” Says Sharon Siegel founder of

If you want a very Christian Grey effect, choose a large, dominant art piece in a sensual color such as fiery red, suggests Lindsay Chambers of the California-based interior design and project management firm Hazel Wood. And if you’re so inclined, she adds, “paint the walls in a complementary satin sheen to make the room warmer and more sultry.”

Feng Shui Bedroom for Romance: Hint #4, Pairs

feng shui bedroom sexy

Pairs of items are very auspicious in Feng Shui and also help to symbolize couples. Create pairs of items within your bedroom. For example, have two nightstands, two lamps, two pillows, etc. Whether you are in a relationship or not having pairs of items is a must.

Feng Shui Bedroom for Romance: Hint #5, Lighting is Everything!

Lighting will set the mood within your space so it is the most important aspect.

As a rule of thumb for interior design within a bedroom, you should have two-three levels of light. Overhead lighting and then lamp level lighting. This enables you to control the light. Overhead lighting is never the sexiest so you want the opportunity to turn it off when needed. Also, dimmers are amazing!

“If there’s not a dimmer switch on your main bedroom lighting, add one,” suggests Alena Capra of the eponymous Florida-based design firm. “You can pick up a simple dimmer switch at your local hardware store. The ability to adjust the lighting just right is always a good thing.”

If you can’t get an electrician in easily – get candles! Candles can create the perfect setting for romance and help to bring that fire element into your space.

romantic bedroom feng shui

Feng Shui Bedroom for Romance: Hint #6, Get Rid Of Anything That Reminds You Of Past Love and Brings in the New Love

This is pretty self-explanatory but if you have old jewelry hanging around from ex relationships or clothing items – remove them from your bedroom. To bring in the new love start fresh. Some Feng Shui Masters even go so far as to recommend getting a new bed for a new relationship. You could get new sheets or something symbolic to signify the new relationship.

Feng Shui Bedroom for Romance: Hint #7, Remove any Mirrors

Similar to our Feng Shui Bedroom hints, mirrors are not good for romance in the bedroom. Mirrors are ‘chi activators’ and used in Feng Shui for many things but will be counterproductive in bedrooms where we want the energy to calm down.

Large Vanity mirrors can be covered with an attractive shawl at night or replaced with a picture. For mirrored closet doors – treat them like a window and put curtains on them and close them up at night when you need to sleep. You can also paint over the glass. Three coats of paint will cover them. Paint is easy to scrape off when you need to restore them to their original state. Another idea would be to cover them with an attractive shelf paper with a sticky back that will adhere to the glass. Get something with an interesting texture like rice paper. If the closet doors span the entire wall you will want to be looking at something visually interesting.