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Mar 17
9 Hints to Remodel your Bathroom with Subway Tiles

You have finally decided that you are going to remodel your bathroom using white subway tiles. After months of researching and saving all your favorite “looks” to your Bathroom Remodel board on Pinterest,  you have decided to remodel your bathroom you are going to use 3″ x 6″, white subway tiles. You get to the local hardware […]

Jan 23
How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost? – Lindsay Cerilli

Roomhints sat down with the fabulous designer, Lindsay Cerilli, founder of Cerulean Concepts to dig deeper into understanding how much does a typical bathroom remodel cost. Cerulean Concepts is a full service interior design and project management company in Austin, Texas. Interview with Lindsay 1. How much does a typical bathroom remodel cost? Determining a budget for […]

Nov 21
Luxury Furniture Hints with Designer Mauricio Nava

Luxury Furniture inspired by design at home and abroad What two words best describe you? I’m loyal and energetic. What was your path to becoming a designer? I have always had a passion and love for design and architecture.  From drawing floor plans as a kid to then consistently moving every year to reinvent my home, […]

Oct 30
Picking the Best Kitchen Faucets

What are some of your favorite materials for a kitchen? Kim: “For countertops, Quartz has never disappointed. It’s durability and stain resistance is outstanding – and well worth the price. The color and design options just keep getting better and better!” Kim: “For faucets, I keep going back to Grohe. They are not the cheapest, but […]

Oct 24
Interior Designer in Houston, Texas

Chase Dowell is an interior designer in Houston, Texas making customers his top priority   Hi Chase! What two words best describe you? If I had to choose two words, they would be personable and committed. I am an interior designer in Houston, Texas and I pride myself on being able to connect with anyone. This […]

Sep 27
Interior Designer in New York City, Mara Silber

Best statement pieces. Mara: “Being an interior designer in New York city, every client is always looking for that statement piece. I love, sculptural chairs. They are fun and surprising. Everyone prioritizes comfort when it comes to seating areas, but adding the extra layer of personality that comes with a sculptural chair, and maybe some art, […]

Sep 19
3 Hints to Decorate a Living Room with Richard Eastman

We sat down with Richard Eastman to learn how to decorate a living room? What was your path to becoming a designer?  My mother’s friends loved the decorating I had done at our home, so at 15 years old I completed my first decorating job.  I made $85 to decorate a living room.  From then […]

Aug 09
3 Hints to Remodeling Home with Dillon Couvillon

The designer couples roots in the South where he grew up remodeling homes with his new home in NYC ‘What was your path to becoming a designer? I was born and raised in the south, to a family that flipped and remodeled homes. From a very early age, I was helping paint, cut 2x4s and […]

Jul 26
3 Hints for Eclectic interior design with Maria Branco

Quick witted and curious, we go behind the scenes of Branco’s design empire Maria Branco, trained in architecture and interior design, has her hands in many aesthetically-pleasing pots. She works on homes and commercial spaces, does botanic decor for homes, stores, and advertising campaigns, and occasionally practices interventionist architecture, teaching and working in impoverished communities […]

Jun 23
Color and Pop Hints with Mid-Century Design Flair with Janel Holiday

The San Francisco design guru is back to dish out more wisdom on Mid-Century Design Back in October, we interviewed San Francisco-based designer Janel Holiday about her eclectic, Mid-Century Design sensibilities, and we enjoyed her funky taste and down-to-earth expertise so much we invited her back for round two. Find out why we love Janel and how […]