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May 16
The Most Popular Bathroom Faucets on Roomhints

Bathroom faucets, with their taste-setting design, can truly make all the difference when it comes to refreshing a bathroom or building one from scratch. Like the cabinet handles in your kitchen or the light fixtures in your living room, a faucet can set the tone of your bathroom.  Whether you just want to revamp your […]

Jan 19
Guide to a Sustainable Bathroom Remodel

We at Roomhints believe that the only future is a sustainable one. With the increasing demand for eco-friendly solutions, many homeowners are looking for ways to create a sustainable bathroom remodel. This can be done by selecting green products such as low-flow toilets, eco-friendly countertops, and energy-efficient showers. You can easily accomplish a sustainable bathroom […]

Apr 29
Buying Guide: 3 Kitchen Faucet Hints

When remodelling your kitchen, it is quite likely that you may end up overlooking the kitchen faucet. However, the fact is that these details are of utmost importance to the kitchen. Their quality, finishes, style, and shape can determine the entire interior design style of your space. Thus, even these small decisions can make a […]

Apr 25
Buying Guide: Statement Piece Bathroom Faucets

We at Roomhints, absolutely love to search the web for inspiration on bathroom designs. We found a few bathroom faucets we love and just had to share. 1. The Contemporary Cool Bathroom Faucet Ok, so this faucet is stunning! Made by SKOWLL, I absolutely love the circular handles and the brass design. It has a […]

Oct 30
Picking the Best Kitchen Faucets

What are some of your favorite materials for a kitchen? Kim: “For countertops, Quartz has never disappointed. It’s durability and stain resistance is outstanding – and well worth the price. The color and design options just keep getting better and better!” Kim: “For faucets, I keep going back to Grohe. They are not the cheapest, but […]