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Picking the Best Kitchen Faucets

grohe kitchen design

What are some of your favorite materials for a kitchen?

Kim: “For countertops, Quartz has never disappointed. It’s durability and stain resistance is outstanding – and well worth the price. The color and design options just keep getting better and better!”


Kim: “For faucets, I keep going back to Grohe. They are not the cheapest, but anyone who has dealt with a cheap, constantly breaking or leaking faucet, knows how worth it it is to spend the money on a good faucet.”

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How to pick artwork for a client? or for yourself?

Kim: “I definitely find that artwork is one of the most intimidating pieces for most clients. The most important thing with art is that it makes you happy. Art should never be about pleasing the masses. In reality, you will never appeal to everyone because art is so subjective. Unless you are a collector; art does not have to be about a certain artist or an extravagant price tag. There are some unbelievably talented young artists that are not yet mainstream enough to demand a high price (and for many, being “mainstream” is not what it’s about).”

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What’s one item everyone forgets about when they design a room?

Kim: “To be honest, it took me years to really appreciate the impact custom drapery can make – but it’s incredibly palpable in a room. Whether the style is Modern or Traditional, custom panels finish a room like nothing else. They instantly add warmth, character, and a sense of permanence. has some great fabric option and can provide a custom fit, while still remaining fairly budget friendly. Locally, I have some wonderful suppliers that carry fabrics for every budget. It can be a challenge to convince clients that the price tag is worth it when they can buy pre made panels for less than $100 – but the end result is incomparable.”