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3 Hints to Remodeling Home with Dillon Couvillon

The designer couples roots in the South where he grew up remodeling homes with his new home in NYC


‘What was your path to becoming a designer?

I was born and raised in the south, to a family that flipped and remodeled homes. From a very early age, I was helping paint, cut 2x4s and learning the ropes from my dad. Eventually, I took the experience from remodeling homes and began spreading the passion to friends and clients helping to make their spaces come together and working to represent their style in a room they love.

Tell us about your work.

I love to reflect my upbringing into my design style. I always try to introduce clients to rustic elements like the reclaimed wooden beams or exposed brick that was so prevalent for me growing up in the south. Moving to New York City in my twenties, I fell in love with the industrial style and architecture there, which I also try to introduce to my clients.

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What is your favorite part of your day?

I enjoy getting to wake up in a space that I have created and that I feel reflects who I am. What excites me even more is knowing that clients are doing the exact same and actually living in a space that they call their own, one that I was lucky enough to create. It’s why I love to designing and remodelling homes. 

Where and when are you most inspired?

I find inspiration in anything. Often times an outfit that someone may be wearing will give me an idea for a color pallet. Street art may spark an idea for a crazy print or graphic installation. The texture and feel of a couch in a hotel lobby has made me fall in love.


What is the most common design problem you encounter? Is there a simple fix you can suggest for this problem?

One of the most common frustrations I find people have with design is budget and space. We all want an endless amount of money and space, but unfortunately most of us (myself included) hardly have either. I always make it a point to teach my clients how to expand their space, and add money to their budget. My hacks, tricks and design tips help clients design and decorate smarter, faster and leaving a space that is functional and solves whatever problem they may be facing.

What is one element that can draw a room together when it feels like nothing goes together?

When trying to tie a room together, I always suggest going with an investment piece. If you are holding on to furniture that’s been handed down for years, and is barely surviving move after move, opt for a rug that’s new and plants a color scheme for the room. I always say distract the eye and guest from the items you aren’t proud of or sold on by bringing the attention towards items of better character that tie the room together a make the space what you imagined.

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