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Jan 22
How to Create a Modern but Warm Home with NYC Designer Threshold Interiors

This brand-new apartment required decor and lighting to capture the drama of the cityscape. Its modern interior makes this space look nice and cohesive. We added track lighting and chandeliers, built-in cabinetry, decorative paint effects, wallpaper, tile, and window treatments to tie it all together. Our biggest challenge, as the interior designers for this space, was the floor-to-ceiling windows […]

Sep 27
Interior Designer in New York City, Mara Silber

Best statement pieces. Mara: “Being an interior designer in New York city, every client is always looking for that statement piece. I love, sculptural chairs. They are fun and surprising. Everyone prioritizes comfort when it comes to seating areas, but adding the extra layer of personality that comes with a sculptural chair, and maybe some art, […]

Aug 09
3 Hints to Remodeling Home with Dillon Couvillon

The designer couples roots in the South where he grew up remodeling homes with his new home in NYC ‘What was your path to becoming a designer? I was born and raised in the south, to a family that flipped and remodeled homes. From a very early age, I was helping paint, cut 2x4s and […]

Sep 03
5 Hints with New York Interior Designer, Purvi Padia

Seeking luxury and keeping spaces live able Purvi Padia Design, founded in 2008, is a New York Interior Design firm specializing in residential interior spaces. Purvi Padia, the New York-based interior designer focuses on bringing luxury, style and comfort to each of her projects while maintaining the values and sensibilities of each individual client. “My number […]

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