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Welcome Home: Feng Shui for Inviting Wealth Into Your Home

Feng Shui is the art form of positioning and reorganizing elements in your space to allow the balance of nature set the tone of your home. Practicing Feng Shui properly is believed to open up both spaces and lives to an abundance of peace, love, and of course, prosperity. Feng Shui energy for financial prosperity flows into the homes of those who strive for success, and creates an environment that promotes focus and luck for those who are hardworking. Learn how to amplify your home’s Feng Shui energy towards financial prosperity with this easy guide!
Get to Know Your Wealth Area
Define your home’s energy map with the use of a Bagua in order to identify which part of the home directly affects wealth and prosperity in your life. By identifying the part of the Bagua that corresponds to the space, you can now identify how to furnish and decorate the space accordingly to allow the flow of positive energy. Normally, the wealth or money area in the home or work place is located at the southeast corner. Know your money area with the proper use of Bagua here.
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Decorating the Wealth Area
Once you identify your wealth area, decorate the space with wealth cures that match your design specifications. Remember that forcing yourself to decorate with accents you don’t like leads to resentment of the art, which often results to terrible Feng Shui. Wealth cures include Feng Shui fountains, lucky bamboo plants, golden coins, and Feng Shui money trees. Golden accent pieces also symbolize wealth, and will invite prosperity into your home if utilized properly.
Go Fish
Water features and Aquariums are some of the most auspicious and potent Feng Shui cures when it comes to attracting wealth into your home. Aquariums are known to amplify good energy in almost any part of the home (except the bedroom!) If you have the resources to maintain an aquarium and of course, take proper care of the pet fish, there are establishments that make aquariums built to fit Feng Shui specifications. Remember not to purchase endangered species of fish, or any forms of coral harvested from the ocean, because Feng Shui does not favor those who decorate mindlessly without consideration for the environment.
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Golden Frames 
In Feng Shui, mirrors are known to double anything they reflect. If you’re a fan of golden accent pieces, find mirrors with golden frames to amplify the mirror’s abilities. Mirrors with golden frames are known to transform Feng Shui energy into energy that promotes wealth and prosperity. Place these mirrors in all desired areas of the house, particularly in your home’s wealth area. Just make sure you avoid placing the mirrors directly in line with the room’s entryway.
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Dining Area
Placing a mirror in the dining area doubles the amount of food, symbolizing wealth and abundance, and inviting prosperity towards all those who dine in that area. The mirror can be placed anywhere in the dining room, except in areas facing any exits like doors or windows.

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