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Lucky Hue: Your Guide to Using Color for Excellent Feng Shui

Feng Shui does not only give pointers on how to position the elements in a given space to allow the flow of good energy; the practice also sees colors as important aspects that can bring about an auspicious life. It believes that your chosen color palette and decorative pieces possess the ability to transform the areas in your home and make each space create and sustain energy. As Feng Shui art aims to replicate nature’s balance in your own space, it is a must that these elements are placed in a certain order for them to be in harmony.

There are five elements in Feng Shui: Earth, Water, Fire, Wood, and Metal—all these are expressed through different design elements in the home, one of which, is color.

Five Elements in Feng Shui

Using colors for Feng Shui is one of the easiest, albeit one of the most sensitive ways to create good chi in the home. When used correctly, colors are able to nourish and support the inhabitants; inversely, colors also have the ability to drain the home of energy and weaken its overall Feng Shui. Read this easy-to-follow guide to learn how to use colors for good luck!


Nourishing earth colors have the ability to invite strength and stability into the lives and relationships of everyone living in your home. Earth tones also play an important role in achieving good health and inner peace. Neutrals are popular Earth-toned options in most Feng Shui homes, as the simple elegance of a neutral palette can go well with other bolder color options. Feel free to start with a neutral palette in any of the rooms, and decorate the rest of the space according to the demands of the rest of the Feng Shui elements. Neutral shades include beige, sand, brown, and taupe. Cream, ivory, biscuit, and eggshell are the more elegant and sophisticated versions.
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Peaceful yet revitalizing shades of blue possess the ability to ease and calm the spirit. Black, on the other hand, is good for inviting wealth and prosperity. Use these shades more prominently in the money areas of your home, just consult your Feng Shui bagua to figure out which areas in your home symbolize wealth. One of the most effective, albeit pricey ways to make use of this color palette is through a Feng Shui aquarium, which you can be custom built by some aquarium suppliers.

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Express the fire element through warm and bold shades of red, orange, yellow, and pink. Fire colors are known to spark passion in relationships and encourage a heightened sense of energy in common areas of the home. Use this color palette sparingly in rooms rich in the kitchen, as fire energy is known to be more overpowering than the rest of the elements—resulting in an imbalance of energies in the home. Add accents in shades of red and pink in the bedroom to nourish one’s sexual and romantic energy, and decorate the common areas with tasteful shades of orange and pink to promote conversation.

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Shades of brown and green are known to encourage good health and promote growth in the lives of those living in your home. Much like the water element, the Feng Shui wood element also invites abundance and prosperity into the home. You could opt to implement wood elements in your home through furniture, the finishes in your flooring, or even through air-purifying house plants. You’re free to implement wood elements in all parts of the home, but use them more prominently in your home study or your work areas to promote growth in your craft or your profession. You may also refer to your bagua to figure out what other areas in your life are in need of help when it comes to growth and vitality.
Feng Shui color

The use of a monochrome palette in Feng Shui decorating is known to invite clarity, encourage sharpness, and promote efficiency. Try going for a completely grayscale color palette with refreshing hints of green (wood element) to enliven the space. The presence of a metal color palette in your home or even your work area helps in achieving a sense of calm in the space, given that it has the ability to aid you in achieving your goals more efficiently. Use this palette in your study, the kitchen, or even the bathroom to give you a more encouraging start to your day during your morning shower. White also falls under this palette, which you can utilize throughout the entire home, allowing you to mix and match your other color and style options with ease.

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