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Category: Feng Shui

Oct 21
The Attract-Love-with-Feng-Shui Checklist

By Happy House Feng Shui To attract love with Feng Shui in the quickest way possible see how many items on the checklist below you can complete in both the Love areas of your home and in your bedroom.  —————————————————————————————————————————- How to Find Your Feng Shui Love Area To find the Love area of a […]

May 29
Feng Shui Mirrors

Mirrors are a very popular topic in Feng Shui. Their reflective property makes them very powerful as they can double the energy. But that said if they are used in the wrong way they can direct the energy of your space to a place you do not want. For example, a mirror that reflects the […]

Dec 04
7 Hints to Feng Shui Your Bedroom for Romance

Hey, Since we all know love is so important in our lives, Roomhints sat down with a few Feng Shui Masters to understand the hints to really make your room be as sexy as it can be. Read more below and see our Feng Shui hints on Ignite that passion 🙂 Enjoy! Cheers, Roomhints Your […]

Dec 03
5 Hints to Feng Shui Your Bedroom and Why You Should

Hey! Roomhints interviewed 3 top Feng Shui Masters to learn how the practice has benefited their clients and their top five hints to Feng Shui your bedroom. Learn the best Feng Shui bedroom colors, optimal Feng Shui bedroom layout and beds to maximize your sleep each night. Peaceful sleeping 🙂 Best, Roomhints Why use the […]