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5 Best Towel Warmers Hints


A towel warmer brings spa-like luxury to your home. A warm towel feels great after a hot shower or bath, and can be well worth it to those who live in cold regions. If you’re someone who dreads showers in the winter, a towel warmer can completely change your experience. Luxury? Yes. But it’s also functional. 


Towel warmers are also useful beyond bath time. Cabinet style and portable towel warmers are used for hot towels, which are priceless in a good skincare routine. They are helpful in preparing the skin for a shave, letting products absorb better, and taking off makeup at the end of the day. Similarly, rack and bucket style warmers can heat up your bedding, and some even dry wet towels in the bathroom after use. 


Here are some of our recommendations for the best towel warmers of every type. 


1. Freestanding Racks



Amba Solo Freestanding Towel Warmer



A simple design that is easy to assemble and use, the Amba Solo freestanding towel warmer is popular for a reason. The warmer has 10 bars that evenly heats two towels at once, making it great for couples and small families. With a slender build and the ability to heat up and dry towels, this warmer is perfectly suited to small bathrooms and laundry rooms. Simply switch on the heater for toasty towels, and leave it on to dry the wet towels after use. You can even use it to warm up your pajamas, but do make sure to avoid clothes with buttons and zippers. 


Tangkula Freestanding Towel Warmer




Tangkula’s freestanding towel warmer stands out with a modern design in white. It is easy to assemble and also has the option to be wall-mounted in the bathroom. The medium sized warmer is a great option for smaller bathrooms, especially when it’s wall-mounted. The warmer is designed to be run throughout the day, and can dry towels and warm them up. This means that your family will always have warm dry towels ready when they need them!


2. Wall-Mounted Racks



towel warmer bathroom


Bathroom wall mounted towel warmer


Tangkula Towel Warmer



If you’re not looking for a warmer that can be moved around the house, then a wall-mounted rack can save you more space. This sleek design by Tangkula has 10 bars and can warm up your towels, bedding, and blankets. The stainless steel warmer is easy to keep clean and matches with chrome fittings in the bathroom. 



The installation process for the Tangkula warmer is straightforward. Simply mount it to the wall and plug it in to get started. It takes about 30 minutes to heat up a towel, and can also be used to dry them. Many reviewers also recommend connecting it to a timer or smart home setup to simplify your daily routine. 


HEATGENE Towel Warmer



HEATGENE towel warmer is a unit with 12 curved bars that can heat two towels at once. The large size makes it perfect for evenly warming oversized towels and bedding, or to dry multiple small towels at once. 


The wall-mounted warmer can be plugged in or hardwired, and can be connected to a timer as well. An on/off switch and a light indicator makes sure you always know when the warmer is on. 


3. Bucket Style Towel Warmers


Zadro Towel Warmer 




Want more than warm towels? This large bucket warmer by Zadro can hold multiple large towels, and can even be used to warm up your bedding or PJs. The warmer is designed as a large bucket in gray/ white sitting on top of a wooden stand. The clean design makes it an attractive addition in a bathroom or bedroom of any style. 


The bucket warmers come with a timer for 15, 30, 45, and 60 minutes that allow towels to get as warm as you need them. The warmer shuts off automatically after the time, making it a simple solution for daily use. 


Live Fine Towel Warmer 




Live Fine tower warmer is a small and stylish bucket style model that can be kept near the bathtub or the pool to quickly grab a warm towel. With a capacity of 10L, it is big enough for an oversized bath towel, and small enough to easily carry around the house. 


An LED screen lets you set a timer for 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes, while lights indicate whether the warmer is on or off. The towel warmer is available in white, gray, and black. The small size of the warmer makes it perfect for a small home or a guest bathroom. 


Deeroll Luxury Towel Warmer Bucket with Aromatherapy




Get the full spa experience with this luxury towel warmer by Deeroll. This extra large bucket warmer can be used to warm up oversized towels or even a small blanket. It heats up towels quickly and evenly, and can keep them warm for up to an hour. 


The charming design stands out with its ability to add scents to your towels and bedding. The bucket has a disc holder where you can add a fragrance disc of your choice to make the towels smell amazing. Give yourself a truly luxurious experience at home with the Deeroll towel warmer. 


4. Cabinet Style Warmer


RyJaune Cabinet Towel Warmer




Anyone who follows a strict skincare regimen can benefit from a towel warmer cabinet. These microwave-like cabinets can be kept on your bathroom counter to quickly heat up wet washcloths and hand towels.


This hot towel warmer has a capacity of 8L and can heat up 6-8 small towels or a small bath towel. Use these warm towels to help your skin absorb products better and make your body feel relaxed. The cabinet is great for professional use and in shared apartments.


5. Portable Towel Warmer


MIBIHIBI Portable Towel Warmer




If you’re looking for a small warmer to help with your skincare routine, then a portable towel warmer is the right product for you. The Mibihibi warmer uses steam to heat up small towels quickly, and auto shuts off after an hour. The warm towels are useful for shaving, removing makeup, and for opening up your skin before a mask or treatment.

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