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18 Amazing Bathroom Wallpaper Hints!

Tell your friends: wallpaper is in again. Love the look of wallpaper but nervous about putting it in your home? The bathroom is the perfect space to experiment and go bold with your bathroom wallpaper.

Why do we love wallpaper in the bathroom?

First, they tend to be smaller spaces, which means patterns won’t look too busy or overwhelming as they might in a larger area room, there are less furnishings and finishes that would compete or clash with the design of your wallpaper, and you save more money on wallpaper because you have less wall space to cover. Secondly, bathrooms and powder rooms are the perfect places to experiment with wallpaper because you can go for a completely different look in your bathroom to make a statement without undermining the overall aesthetic and cohesiveness of your home. In fact, a bold, fun bathroom will elevate your home. Lastly, wallpaper is the perfect way to spruce and liven up an otherwise boring, sterile, and drabby space.

We’ve come up with 18 bathroom wallpaper ideas to inspire you in your next bathroom remodel.

1. Palm Leaves Bathroom Wallpaper

bathroom wallpaper, palm leaf wallpaper, green wallpaper, nature wallpaper, plants wallpaper, bathroom vanity, gold mirror, gold light sconces

Image Credits: Pinterest.

In this bathroom, a lush palm leaf print wallpaper adorns the walls. The green contrast truly makes the warm, brass accents in the light sconces, mirror, and faucet pop. Finally, a dark, marbled bathroom vanity grounds the wallpaper while playing off of the same nature, organic themes. This gorgeous wallpaper is fun, chic, and stylish and is sure to make a huge statement. Light sconces are the Cedar & Moss sconces from Rejuvenation.

2. Zebra Bathroom Wallpaper

bathroom wallpaper, zebra wallpaper, pedestal sink, bathroom remodel

Image Credits: Lynn Chalk.

Continuing the outdoorsy theme, this fun wallpaper is truly the star of the show in this bathroom. The blue really makes the zebras pop. Animal-themed prints are always a fan-favorite, and are a great option for kids bathrooms or for someone who has a favorite animal or loves the jungle/safari.

3. Puffer Fish

bathroom wallpaper, bathroom remodel, pedestal sink, puffer fish wallpaper, cute wallpaper

Designed by Kristin Casey Interiors

In this bathroom, a puffer fish print wallpaper covers the top half of the walls. This wallpaper is perfect for the monochromatic, black-and-white color palette in this bathroom. The round bathroom mirror plays nicely with the round shapes in the design of the wallpaper. Can you tell we love animal prints? They’re definitely a great place to start if you’re looking for bathroom wallpaper ideas.

4. Abstract Lines

abstract wallpaper, chic wallpaper, bold wallpaper, bathroom wallpaper, floating vanity, floating bathroom vanity

Image Credits: Vanillawood.

How do you style a wallpaper with a busier pattern? Go for minimal furnishings! In this bathroom, the clients opted for a sleek, floating sink. The linear lines in the vanity and mirror play nicely with the design of the wallpaper by Kelly Wearstler. As you can see, wallpaper is great in bathrooms because the mirror picks up and reflects the wallpaper, continuing the design. We love a chic, modern bathroom wallpaper.

5. Geometric Shapes

bathroom wallpaper, floating bathroom vanity, floating sink, floating vanity, exposed pipes, gold bathroom hardware

Image Credits: Etsy.

Conversely, this wallpaper introduces curved, organic lines and shapes that add softness to the straight lines in the rest of the furnishings. This wallpaper design has the perfect balance of simple and intricate.

6. Pineapples

pineapple wallpaper, bathroom wallpaper, pedestal sink, bathroom remodel

Designed by Crowell Interiors

We love how this wallpaper brings a bright, fresh, tropical element to this small and otherwise basic bath. The bathroom still maintains its white color palette because the wallpaper is actually quite neutral with pops of color.

7. Pineapples Take Two

pineapple wallpaper, pedestal sink, bathroom remodel

Designed by Kristin Casey Interiors

A different take on the pineapple print, this dark wallpaper features an oversized pineapple pattern that brings an element of playfulness to this bathroom’s other, more traditional features, like the sink. The warm brass accents invoke a tropical association with the pineapple print.

8. Best of Blue

blue wallpaper, bathroom wallpaper, bathroom remodel

Designed by Threshold Interiors NYC

There are lots of different ways to utilize wallpaper in your bathroom. Don’t feel pressured to cover all four walls with a wallpaper. You can use wallpaper on just one wall to make an accent wall, or use wallpaper only on the top or bottom half of your walls for a strip of pattern. If you have a separate, enclosed space for your toilet, we highly recommend using wallpaper to really define this space and make it pop. This is also a great way to incorporate wallpaper in your bathroom because it keeps it away from humid spaces and splash zones near the sink, freestanding tub and shower.

9. The Birds and the Trees

birds wallpaper, bird wallpaper, birds and tree branches wallpaper, pedestal sink, bathroom wallpaper

Image Credits: Lynn Chalk.

ProHINT: If you have a pedestal sink, find a wallpaper has organic shapes and patterns that mimic and play off of the curved silhouette of the sink. Wallpaper is also a great option for bathrooms with pedestal sinks because the slimmer footprint of the sink allows for more of the wallpaper to peek through.

10. Go Gold

bathroom wallpaper, gold wallpaper, white and gold wallpaper, blue vanity, blue bathroom vanity

Designed by The Fox Group

Don’t be afraid to use wallpaper in a small bathroom. Far from making the space look smaller or overwhelming, a wallpaper in a smaller bathroom can add dimension and visual interest. Moreover, a big, bold, or oversized pattern in a small powder room can actually work to your advantage as it allows you to make the most out of this small space and can elevate an otherwise drabby, tight space. Wallpaper is also a great option for powder rooms because they won’t have a shower or bathtub that will ruin the wallpaper. Regardless of how big your bathroom is, incorporating a wallpaper can truly help you see its design potential.

11. Blue Floral

blue wallpaper, blue floral wallpaper, floral wallpaper, round black mirror, round black bathroom mirror, bathroom remodel

Image Credits: Decorators Best.

When you’re limited by space and furnishings like the bathtub, sink, and toilet, you have to express your creativity and personality through the walls. Luckily, there are infinite possibilities for bathroom wallpaper so that you can truly add your own personal touch. An elegant bathroom wallpaper like this blue floral one injects personality and femininity into the space.

12. Preppy Canines

dogs wallpaper, dog wallpaper, animal wallpaper, bathroom wallpaper
dogs wallpaper, dog wallpaper, animal wallpaper, bathroom wallpaper

Designed by Crowell Interiors

Utilize wallpaper to reflect the bathroom’s function in the home. For example, use wallpaper to reflect personality in a kids’ bath, a teenage girls’ bathroom, or a master bath. Like paint, wallpaper is a great way to define and switch up a room as its purpose and your tastes change. When looking for bathroom remodel ideas, perhaps start with a motif that you love, like an animal or nature!

13. Woodsy Wallpaper

woods wallpaper, forest wallpaper, trees wallpaper, tree branches wallpaper, bathroom wallpaper

Designed by Kristin Casey Interiors

A lot of people voice concerns about getting sick of their wallpaper. If you’re nervous about getting sick of wallpaper, simply go with a wallpaper that is removable. Also remember to choose something that you truly love, and not something that is trendy. Choosing a wallpaper is like choosing any other piece of furniture in your home, so don’t treat it or think of it as an afterthought. The bottom line is this: you won’t worry about getting sick of your wallpaper if you love it. This popular wallpaper is from Cole & Son.

14. Classic Stripes

blue wallpaper, striped wallpaper, blue stripes wallpaper, bathroom wallpaper

Designed by Bria Hammel Interiors

While there are tons of gorgeous, unique wallpaper designs to choose from, sometimes all you need is a simple wallpaper to add texture, interest, and dimension to your bathroom. A simple stripe pattern is what takes this bathroom from builder’s basic to thoughtfully designed.

15. Crazy for Blue

blue wallpaper, bathroom wallpaper, bathroom remodel

Designed by Bria Hammel Interiors

ProHINT: Wallpaper with intricate patterns are more forgiving in terms of mistakes in application.

16. Regal

bathroom wallpaper, geometric wallpaper, blue vanity, blue bathroom vanity

Designed by Amy Kartheiser Design

How to Wallpaper a Bathroom

Wallpaper in your bathroom will look better and last longer if you start with a good foundation. Make sure to prep the walls before putting up wallpaper by vacuuming and wiping down the entire surface. After, sand down the walls to create a smooth base.

Bathroom wallpaper can be problematic because the moisture and humidity might cause it to peel off or become moldy. Make sure that you have good ventilation to help prevent this. Also be sure to consider “splash zones” — perhaps hang wallpaper away from the shower and sink — or look into getting waterproof wallpaper, specifically designed for areas like your bathroom that see a lot of moisture. However, if your bathroom is well-ventilated or doesn’t get very humid, standard wallpaper will do just fine. Make sure you keep these things in mind when installing a bathroom wallpaper.

17. Bold and Luxurious

dark wallpaper, black and gold wallpaper, gold wallpaper, bathroom wallpaper, floating sink, floating bathroom sink, floating bathroom vanity, gold bathroom hardware

Designed by Jen Talbot Design

This wallpaper is truly what brings together the black and gold color palette in this bathroom. It pairs nicely with the black bathroom tile and highlights features in the bathroom, like the floating sink and the gold hardware.

18. Mural Wallpaper

bathroom wallpaper, metal washstand, mural wallpaper

Image Credits: Mural Sources.

Lastly, another great option is a mural wallpaper. These gorgeous mural-like prints depict charming and serene scenery that will make your bathroom look other-worldly. In this bathroom, the wallpaper is separated by wall paneling, and a metal washstand allows for more of the mural wallpaper to peek through.