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Month: January 2022

Jan 28
How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies Naturally in your Home

It’s happened to us all. You see a small gnat near your apples and the next day there are twenty fruit flies swarming your bowl of fruit. They are called ‘pests’ for a reason, as a swarm of them can ruin your day. However, you don’t have to deal with these annoying bugs for long […]

Jan 19
Guide to a Sustainable Bathroom Remodel

We at Roomhints believe that the only future is a sustainable one. With the increasing demand for eco-friendly solutions, many homeowners are looking for ways to create a sustainable bathroom remodel. This can be done by selecting green products such as low-flow toilets, eco-friendly countertops, and energy-efficient showers. You can easily accomplish a sustainable bathroom […]

Jan 10
5 Hints for an Auspicious Feng Shui Kitchen

In Feng Shui, the kitchen lives up to its reputation as the heart of the home—as it should be able to nourish and sustain the good energy produced throughout the rest of the house. The kitchen is considered one of the three most important parts of a Feng Shui home (along with the bathroom and […]

Jan 06
5 Hints to Attract Good Health with Feng Shui

I think we can all agree that 2022 will be the year of good health and understanding how we can have power over our environment to maintain our health. We are always looking for new ways to bring this energy in. Feng Shui (while not a new way) is a method that can bring more […]