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10 Sustainable Design Hotels

1. Cervo Mountain Resort

The updated Cervo is a beautifully remodeled hotel for the modern nomad where sustainability, connection to nature, and a “glocal” experience are enjoyed.

Redesigned by multi award-winning studio Dreimeta, led by Armin Fischer and Andrea Kraft-Hammerschall, the remodelled spaces feature a modern interpretation of the Alpine lifestyle

alongside a decidedly more outward-looking perspective of the world. Among the three types of accommodations—The Huntsman, The Nomad, and The Alpinist—that now populate Cervo, warm colors, wooden surfaces, and natural materials coalesce with timelessly modern accents and views of the Matterhorn.

Following an eight-month renovation process that commenced in summer 2020, the hotel now presents an updated mission statement in line with its physical reincarnation…

where a renewed emphasis on the importance of sustainability is placed front and center. This includes a newly implemented geothermal heat pump, which allows the hotel to generate up to 95 percent of its energy requirements for hot water and heating.

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