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Mar 02
4 Kitchen Rug Hints To Brighten Your Space

Did you know we spend up to 400 hours a year in the kitchen? It’s an important space to bring in bright and cheery design features to meet you at breakfast. Your choice of kitchen rug is an easy way to bring life, color, and vitality into this beloved room of the house.  Rug choice […]

Nov 30
Buying Guide: Runner Rug for your Home

When it comes to your space, nothing can pull a space more together than a rug. Rugs are a gorgeous and practical home piece that can add a design element to any room, even when there isn’t much else happening. This is exceptionally true for runner rugs, which can be a great addition to a […]

Aug 18
Hints to buy the right Moroccan Beni Ouarain rug from Samir El Wali, founder of Socco Designs

Since everyone wants a Moroccan rug in their home these days, here are a few of our favorites from nuLOOM and Safavieh. Read the interview below with Samir El Wali to learn more about Moroccan rug tradition and how she founded Socco Designs. About Samir El Wali What is your background? Samir: “I was born […]