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14 Ideas to Decorate Your Foyer

Your foyer sets the tone for the rest of your home. There’s nothing like a good first impression, so it’s important that your foyer makes a huge impact and speaks to your style and personality. We came up with 14 fool-proof ideas to decorate your entryway so that you can have the foyer of your dreams, no matter the size. Keep reading to learn more!

1. Console Table

foyer, console table, entryway runner

Every foyer should have a place where you can set down your keys, mail, and other items you may be carrying when you enter and exit your home. A console table is the perfect piece for this because it has all the functionality of your traditional table while occupying less space — very important in smaller entryways! A great entryway has a “resting spot” that greets your guests before they enter the rest of your home, and a incorporating a console table is a great way to do this.

entryway, console table, round mirror
foyer, entryway

Your console table can then ground the rest of the decor in that space. It is a landing spot for plants, lamps, and other decor. Since console tables are typically more minimal and streamlined, they offer greater opportunities to accessorize and personalize without things clashing or looking too cluttered. In this entryway by Angela Grace Design, the console table is a focal point around which a mirror, lamp, and plant act as decor. If your foyer is particularly small, opt for a mini console table or a floating bookshelf.

foyer, floating bookshelf, entryway bench

Design by Eve Robinson & Associates.

2. Entryway Bench

Similarly, an entryway bench offers tons of functionality and acts as a resting or landing spot that greets you as you enter and exit your home. We’ve all been there: rushing out of the house, keys and phone in one hand and bag in the other, fumbling to put your shoes and socks on and ultimately failing. A bench is a great place to put down your things or put on your shoes and makes your home feel more inviting. Hang a few simple hooks over it and you’re good to go.

entryway bench

Design by Saltbox Collective.

If there’s not enough room for a bench, opt for a single chair. If it’s carefully curated and matches your aesthetic, it’ll have the same effect. The important thing is to create seating! ProHINT: When furnishing your foyer, make sure that everything is scaled nicely. Opt for smaller furniture as to not overwhelm the space or make it look too cluttered.


Design by Molie Malone.

entryway furniture

Design by Amy Kartheiser Design.

3. Wall Paneling/Trim/Detail

wall detail, bold foyer

Design by Carolyn Rebuffel.

Foyers can often look plain and bare. Moreover, it can be hard to furnish and decorate an entryway with limited space. In this case, consider elevating your walls with some sort of paneling, detail, or trim. This creates visual interest and instantly makes your foyer more elegant, sophisticated, and stylish.

modern farmhouse entryway
modern entryway

Design by Dan Scotti Design.

As you can see above and below, there are so many design options for wall trim. You can opt for vertical panels for a mudroom look or more traditional paneling for more luxurious interiors. Wall trim is subtle but impactful and frames your entryway beautifully.

traditional entryway

Design by Dan Scotti Design.

foyer, entryway

Design by Studio Black.

4. Nice Flooring

grand entryway, grand foyer, luxurious foyer, marble tile, gold staircase, black runner

Design by Joyce D. Silverman Interiors.


Design by Molie Malone.

Similarly, you shouldn’t neglect your entryway’s flooring. Depending on the aesthetic of your home, you can go for a luxurious marble tile, an eye-catching Spanish tile, or a cozy slate herringbone pattern for a more farmhouse aesthetic. Make sure that you pick a tile that is durable and will stand the test of time since this is where people will be dropping off their shoes.

slate herringbone mudroom

Design by Studio McGee.

modern farmhouse foyer, slate tile

Image Credits: Pinterest.

5. Wallpaper

If wall trim is out of your budget, wallpaper will also do the trick. There are endless possibilities with wallpaper, from the color to the pattern and design. It’s a great way to showcase your personality and achieve the desired effect, whether you want your entryway to be bold and eye-catching or calming and inviting. Since many foyers are quite separate from the rest of the house, choosing a fun and unique wallpaper is also a great opportunity to make a bold impact in this distinct area of your home.

entryway wallpaper

Design by Amy Kartheiser Design.

6. A Mirror

A mirror is a great decor piece in foyers for two reasons. First, it offers great functionality as you’ll be able to get one last look of yourself before you head out the door. Second, a mirror opens up a space and makes it appear larger, which is great in smaller spaces like entryways. People tend to overlook mirrors as a decor piece, but there are so many great options to choose from and you can opt for a simple, timeless mirror or a more decorative piece. A huge full-length mirror always makes a huge impact in an entryway, but hanging one over a shelf or console table will also do the trick.

entryway mirror

Design by Decor Aid.

stylish foyer

Design by Summer Thornton Design.

7. Artwork

Artwork is a great way to decorate your entryway because it takes up wall space rather than limited floor space. As your foyer sets the tone for your home, artwork helps to showcase your style, interests, and personality. If you have an entryway that leads into a hallway, artwork is a great way to fill up the bare walls and to make your foyer feel cohesive with the rest of the house as the artwork leads you on a path to the rest of your home. Gallery walls filled with lots of artwork has the same effect, and act as a “landing spot” that greets you and your guests as you enter your home.

Design by Saltbox Collective.

8. Storage

For many, storage is an important feature of the foyer. Entryways house shoes, coats, bags, and other necessities. This is particularly important if you have kids or a family. As with the console table, bench, and mirror, the main goal is to create functionality. Depending on how much storage you need, you can opt for a hall tree or a simple storage bench.

hall tree, foyer
foyer storage bench

Image Credits: Wayfair.

9. A Rug

A rug is a great way to transform those bare floors. Rugs also make your entryway feel more cozy and inviting. Because there are so many options to choose from, from the design and pattern to the color and shape, a rug is a great way to make a statement and showcase your aesthetic.

foyer rug, entryway rug, entryway chandelier

Design by Molie Malone.

10. A Door Mat

Your entryway truly begins at the exterior of your home, and we all know that a beautiful exterior makes a great first impression. While the exterior of your home offers more limited possibilities for decor, a great doormat is something that every household needs. It can be a fun, quirky, stylish decor statement. Doormats are also relatively affordable, so you can easily switch them up from time to time or seasonally.

11. A Bold Doorway

window treatments

Similarly, it is quite off-putting to see a beautiful, lavish foyer paired with a drabby, builder’s basic door. Make sure that your doorway goes with the aesthetic of your home and matches the walls and flooring. Window treatments for your doorway are a fan-favorite. We also love fun-colored doors — blue and yellow doors seem to be a huge hit! — and giving your doorway a fresh coat of paint is a great, affordable way to step up the look of your door.

Design by Mrs. Paranjape.

blue door

Design by Christie Leu Interiors.

12. Flowers and Plants

We all know that filling your home with fresh greenery is always the right move, 100% of the time. Plants make your home feel inviting, fresh, and even a bit more airy and spacious. They’re a decor piece that goes with any aesthetic. Placing a nice potted plant in your entryway is a great way to bring the outdoors inside and can really liven up a space.

13. Don’t Neglect the Stairs!

Design by Saltbox Collective.

If your foyer is greeted by a staircase, make sure that you don’t neglect the staircase and that it, too, looks polished and suited to your aesthetic. A staircase offers many great architectural design opportunities — there’s nothing like a gorgeous, grand staircase. If possible, swap out your old, dated, creaky staircase with something more luxurious and modern.

Design by Studio Black.

You can also opt for a beautiful runner for your staircase. They make for softer, quieter steps and come in many beautiful designs. ProHINT: In an entryway, make sure to know when to make use of negative space! While negative space is typically a good thing in a small space such as a foyer, furnishing an empty nook — like the one below due to the curved staircase — can make your entryway a lot more functional and look a lot more thoughtful.

Design by Eve Robinson & Associates.

14. Light Fixtures

foyer light fixture

Design by Joyce D. Silverman Interiors.

spanish foyer

Design by Katie Raffetto Interior Design.

Light fixtures can make a huge statement in an entryway. Functionality-wise, it is important to light up this often smaller, enclosed space so that you can see things clearly when you’re coming home at night. If you have tall ceilings, you can opt for a bolder light fixture to make sure of all that vertical space. Otherwise, a lamp, light sconces, or recessed lighting are also great options. ProHINT: In a larger foyer, it’s great to create a focal point. Bold light fixtures are the easiest way to do this, and, if possible, put a small table underneath it.

grand foyer, grand entryway

In this gorgeous foyer by Molie Malone, the light fixture, wallpaper, and curved staircase come together to create a stunning impact. Molie explains:

“When designing foyers, in addition to a sense of a warm welcome, I like to add a little bit of tension to the entry experience. The contrast of the modern Boa with the hand painted wallpaper is the perfect example of this tension.” 

Photography: Christopher Stark

Whether you have a giant, grand foyer or an entryway that practically leads right into your living space, there’s no reason for your entryway to be neglected and drab. Although it’s a small part of your home, it has a huge impact on the entire aesthetic. What did you think of these 14 entryway ideas? Comment below!