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Sustainable Off Grid Design Ideas for your home. Feel empowered to be off grid in your self sustaining structure

Feb 07
10 Best Sustainably Designed Hotels

The concept of sustainable design is becoming increasingly popular among designers as the need for eco-friendly and resource-conscious projects grows. Implementing sustainable techniques can be challenging within hotel architecture and interior design, but with hard work and innovation, there are many examples of sustainability being achieved in hotel designs across the globe. From innovative materials […]

Jan 07
Buying Guide for Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is exactly what it sounds like: wood that once served a purpose that is no longer necessary. Resourceful scavengers, also known as reclaimed wood dealers, find – or reclaim – this wood from old barns, factories, homes, schools, churches, and railroad cars. Then, someone like you can revitalize the reclaimed wood by transforming […]