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Feb 14
The Most Popular Bathroom Mirrors on Roomhints

Bathroom mirrors are one of the most important elements to consider when looking to enhance any bathroom’s overall design and vibe. The shape, size, and style of a bathroom mirror can make all the difference in creating a stylish and comfortable atmosphere. You’ll want to choose a mirror that reflects your own personal style but […]

Dec 06
Buying Guide: How To Choose An LED Mirror

By Alyson Lundstrom  Did you know that the average adult will spend 416 days in the bathroom in their lifetime? With all that time spent in just one room, its decor is essential. A lighted LED vanity mirror is the perfect way to bring a warm and welcoming feel to your bathroom.  When renovating a […]

Jun 10
Buying Guide: 24″ x 36″ Round Mirror Hints

If you’re looking for a fun, inexpensive way to change the entire design vibe of your bathroom, jump on the white-hot design trend train and try swapping out your traditional bathroom mirror for a round version. Round mirrors are H-O-T and for good reason—installing a modern shape into a traditional room can instantly dress up […]

Jan 21
How to Pick and Hang the Perfect Bathroom Mirror

The bathroom mirror is an often overlooked, yet essential component of the bathroom. It plays a role in the balance, functionality, aesthetic, and spaciousness of your bathroom. A bathroom mirror that is carefully curated and properly sized, placed and illuminated will make the biggest difference in your space. Plus, updating your mirror is a relatively […]

May 29
Feng Shui Mirrors

Mirrors are a very popular topic in Feng Shui. Their reflective property makes them very powerful as they can double the energy. But that said if they are used in the wrong way they can direct the energy of your space to a place you do not want. For example, a mirror that reflects the […]