Unique Wallpaper Ideas for a One-of-a-Kind Space: Paula Interiors

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Roomhints interviewed interior designer Paula Rodriguez about how she uses wallpaper in her projects.

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What are the pros and cons to using wallpaper?

Paula: “Pros: Wallpaper shapes the mood and creates a statement in small spaces. It highlights the length of walls that may feel narrow otherwise. You can use wallpaper as artwork.

Cons: You can’t change the style of the room as often as you do with paint. If there is a problem with the wallpaper, such as water damage or a rip in the paper, it will have to be replaced and will cost more than repainting a room.”

unique wallpaper

What are your tips for incorporating wallpaper into a space?

Paula: “Make sure the room is visually balanced. If what you want is a neutral room, use textures and interesting patterns in the paper so it will be interesting to look at. Make sure the style in the wallpaper is cohesive with the room.”

How do you mitigate people’s fears about getting sick of wallpaper?

Paula: “When I meet my clients, I ask if they are open to the idea of using wallpaper. If they are apprehensive, I don’t even go there. For clients that are on the fence, I tell them how amazing the room will be with it and bring them samples so they can envision it in their space. If they don’t love it, I move away from the wallpaper and use something else to create a different “wow” effect.”

unique wallpaper

How do you choose a wallpaper while keeping in mind the rest of the space?

Paula: “When selecting wallpaper, I always take into consideration the use of the space, the style of the room, and the look/color of adjacent rooms. I make sure the colors in the wallpaper are timeless or the colors are ones that my client loves and won’t get tired of in a short period of time.”

unique wallpaper

What did you think of Paula’s hints? We love how the feather wallpaper ties in the colors from the chairs, window curtain, rug, and light fixtures! Using wallpaper is a great way to bring out and tie together the colors in a space, making it cohesive.

For more information on Paula, visit paulainteriors.com.

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