Cherie Hassenflu: That Spanish Home Design Look!

What was your path to becoming a designer and what made you fall in love with the Spanish Home Design look?

Cherie: “Since I was young I was always rearranging my room, or setting up a great pad for Barbie & Ken. When my two boys were babies, I went back to school at night to study interior design and always gravitated towards the Spanish home design interiors.  I already had a business degree, so it didn’t take too long.”


Tell us about your work.

I get bored with doing the same thing over and over, and I like my clients’ homes to reflect who they are as people and work well for their lifestyles. Since I have studied design, my work tends to be classic while incorporating a few trending elements.  I use color theory as well as many of the elements of design in my work to create spaces that will last through time.  I enjoy incorporating one of a kind accessories, piece of furniture, as well as collections of interesting and unique objects that catch the eye.  Curating art work or lighting that works with each project is also something I enjoy.  I’ve had a design business for over twenty years and still encounter challenges which keeps me motivated.

What is your favorite part of your day?

I love my morning routine that culminates with a cold brew coffee.

Where and when are you most inspired?

When I’m traveling.  There is nothing like experiencing the life while staying in a French, Italian, or Spanish home design.  Being able to study architecture, the strong link to the outside living space, the texture of materials and the real, quality antiques is very inspiring.  That being said, I find inspiration from traveling anywhere from Nashville to Russia.

What has your experience been with decorating your own space? How is decorating for yourself different from decorating for other people?

I find designing a home for myself more challenging than anything.  There are so many styles that I enjoy, so many textures and colors I like, and so many objects and antiques I like to collect that I find it hard to make any decisions.  There are always new fabric introductions, or one more place to look, one more art gallery, etc. I am also hyper critical of my own spaces.

What has been your most challenging or creatively rewarding project to date? Why?

Our home in Aspen.  Designing and building long distance, having to make fast decisions, keeping in budget, reflecting the mountain lifestyle without having a heavy, typical look, and using local sources where possible all proved challenging.

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