Best Shower Niche Designs

What is a shower niche?

A shower niche is an indent in the wall of your shower or bathtub which creates a ledge that can elegantly house your shampoo, soap, etc.

Shower Niche marble design


What’s the best size?

1. 12”w x 24” h

When putting a shower niche in an existing wall, 12”w x 24” h is a good size. It allows the niche to fit between studs which are often 16 inches apart. With a glass shelf at 12 inches, this creates 2 feet of shelf space. The typical depth of a shower niche is 3.5 inches, the width of a wood stud. You can see in the image below that the standard, ready-made shower niche is also 12 x 24.

shower niche long

2. Long horizontal 4’w x 6″ h.

By adding a long indent all the way across one wall can create a beautiful and sleek design. This style of shower niche keeps the eye moving across the wall whereas, the 12 x 24 pocket style size stands out more.

Long horizontal shower niche design

lower ledge in shower niche for products

ledge in shower niche for products

3. 24″ x 24″ Square

The last size option that I love is the large square shower niche. With this design, it can align flush to the opposite wall creating a nice flow from one indented wall to the next.


What’s the best tile design?

Personally, I think subway tiled shower niches can look too busy. Keep the design minimal. Check out more bathroom tile ideas.

1. Use a tile that is smaller than the tile you have used for the shower

grey tiled square shower niche

2. Use a flat sheet to fill in the shower niche.

grey recessed shower niche

If you are going to be installing this shower niche yourself or want to give some helpful hints to your contractor, here is an awesome video. BUT PLEASE DON’T DO THAT TILE DESIGN. Those long vertical tiles inside the shower niche are too busy for the beautiful marble-like subway tiles.

Any questions! Feel free to post in the comments below. I hope that you enjoy adding a crisp and clean shower niche to up your shower design.

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