Rachael Grochowski: How to renovate your kitchen

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Rachael Grochowski founded RHG Architecture+Design, an award winning boutique Architecture and Interiors firm, in Montclair, New Jersey in 2003. The firm works on commercial, residential, and retail projects within regional and international markets.

Rachael and her team are driven by a desire to create spaces that connect with a client on a physical, experiential and spiritual level. RHG A+D approaches design with an understanding that it is more than just aesthetic and function; design is emotive and sensory as well as being physical. Read more to understand how to renovate your kitchen.


1. Rachael, What is the benefit to getting a designer to help you to renovate your kitchen or space?

When you renovate your kitchen beauty is in the details. The benefit of working with a designer for a kitchen or another residential space is the understanding of the holistic cohesive final product. Countless construction and millwork details, upholstery details, and finish qualities have to be considered. Creating the right balance between aesthetic quality and cohesive design is the skill of a trained designer!


2. Rachael, if you could be remembered by one thing as a designer, what would you want that to be?
As a designer, my objective is to make the client feel their space is a representation of who they are and how they want to live. A typical question I might ask is, “How do you want to feel in your space?” For example, a kitchen can be active, soothing, organic, etc. I most want to be remembered as a designer who listens to her clients understands her clients through words, images and/or intuition and creates spaces that are authentic for the user.


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