Feng Shui for Relationships

Roomhints interview with Feng Shui Master, Sharon Jeffers

About 15 years ago I was asked to do a Feng Shui consult for a couple in LA after the husband had been out of work for five months. This was a man who was highly successful in the film industry for over two decades, and he was seriously troubled by the fact that he was not working. His wife had heard that I helped someone in a similar situation and suggested a Feng Shui consultation. After the Feng Shui consultation, we solved that problem and he was back to work within weeks.

Feng Shui for Relationships:

A few years later his wife called and said that they were having difficulties in their relationship for the first time ever. They were both concerned because they couldn’t figure out why they were feeling the way they were, which was mainly distant from one another.

I went to their house and went straight into their bedroom to see what was going on. Several months prior she placed a new painting in the bedroom. Forgetting their bedroom is a sanctuary for their love, marriage, and partnership together, the image was a woman alone laying on a chase, and it was a very large painting – it commanded the room. There was no longer any art or objects in the room that represented togetherness, and this blaring piece of art, beautiful as it was, was a woman alone.

Feng Shui Bedroom for Romance

What was different?

If you are in a relationship, you do not put an image of a lone person or anything else in the master bedroom that represents just ‘one’. This room is a sanctuary, and you can easily turn everything around in a moment by placing something that doesn’t support the space for what it represents.

The moment I mentioned that there was a single woman in their bedroom she literally gasped, walked over to the painting and took it off the wall. She then went searching through the house and gathered the objects and art that had been in their room before and placed them with care and intention.

Everything in their relationship went back to normal. She found a new understanding of herself, her awareness, and new insights regarding how important and powerful it is to pay attention to how we feel in our space and what we express with our decor. This couple is still doing great many years later.

The Power of Objects within Your Space

Everything, be it animate or inanimate holds vibrations, intentions, and energies that we can use to command the chi (energy) of a space. This is the foundation and intention with Black Hat Feng Shui – it is to command the chi flow through the house, the office, and the property with clear intention.

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