Roomhints Article: Our Top Hints



At Roomhints, we strive to provide our readers with sustainable solutions for their design or remodeling project. 

 ⚫️ Statistics:

Our site has over 10 million impressions per month. 

100k followers on

1 Million impressions on 

Our typical features amass over 100,000 impressions and 2500+ engagement metrics. 

 ⚫️ The Details:

Your brand is included in our hints article for example check out this article

Our editor will jump on a brief 15-minute phone call with you, or submit a survey for you to fill out so we can learn more about your brand and products

Submit 3 – 5 photos or videos to be included within the article

We accept 5 brands for each feature and it costs $850 to be included. 

🌱  Your product must be eco-friendly, nontoxic and can back up how your manufacturing process is sustainable as well. 



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