Privacy Policy

We are good people doing what's right.

  1. The website and mobile app collect data that help improve the RoomHints free service. The data collected cannot personally identify you: we neither collect nor know your name or email, and you don't need a user account.
    (Unless you choose to tell us who you are. Please don't do that. Send anonymous feedback instead, e.g. through the app.)
  2. There is no warranty for RoomHints and Fun Magic Style Inc. cannot be held liable if something goes wrong. We say this because it protects us legally, not because we are irresponsible people. If you believe we are doing something wrong we'd be indebted to you if you told us and happy to correct it. We want to learn from our mistakes.
  3. This privacy policy is in fonts that are not tiny because the genuine, empathetic people who wrote it want to please you, not torture you. It's only three paragraphs so you can read it in its entirety and leave assured there's nothing shady going on.

We care.