Pamela Dyer: Farmhouse Decor With Hints of French Country

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Roomhints interviewed Pamela Dyer of Fern Hill Interiors, a designer with a love of making things pretty by mixing  modern farmhouse decor with French country design.

1. Briefly tell us a bit about you:

Pamela: “I am married and live in Connecticut. I recently started Fern Hill Interiors. I also teach Pilates and Barre classes.”

“Decorate from the heart and surround yourself with things you love.”

Farmhouse Decor interior designer
2. Why did you start a career in interior design?

Pamela: “My mother was my inspiration. She had an eye for interior design. She has been diagnosed with dementia so it’s important to me to continue making all things pretty.”

3. Tell us about a time that confirmed why you love being an interior designer?

Pamela: “A friend of mine told me that my house made her feel like she was home.”

4. Your favorite hints (products) that get you excited?

Pamela: “Mirrors, all things ‘chippy’, pillows, vintage furniture and flowers.”

Farmhouse decor living room ideas with fireplace and sofa
5. One thing you wish everyone knew about interior design?

Pamela: “Decorate from the heart and surround yourself with things you love.”

6. Without fail design hint that you have learned over your career?

Pamela: “Make sure to accessorize with groups of three.”

7. How would you define the creative process?

Pamela: “Feel the space. Start off by adding major pieces and then slowly add more.”

Farmhouse decor interior design ideas with grey and white color scheme
8. What are some hints to help to pull the whole room together?

Pamela: “Try adding a beautiful area rug, some pillows, and greenery.”

To find more farmhouse decor inspiration, visit Pamela’s Instagram page at instagram.com/homeonfernhill.

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