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Thriving Spaces Feng Shui!
Do you experience joy when you walk into your home at the end of the day? Are you energized when you walk into your office or store on Monday morning and see a space ready for work? Does your space—at home or at work—radiate positive energy and feel harmonious? Does your environment support you and express who you are?

My goal is to share with you the power of Feng Shui so you can answer YES wholeheartedly to all of these questions!

We offer a holistic approach to interior design that guides our clients from conception of the project to move in. We design and customize everything from architectural finishes to furnishings and everything in between. Informed by our clients vision and lifestyle we approach every project with an understanding of materials and finishes that balance comfort and functionality. Our signature style of balancing minimalism and richness provides a backdrop that is both elegant and livable and authentic to our homeowners and their guests. Our goal is to create harmony and balance visually while giving our clients a home that is classic and fresh.