Brandi Renee: Lighting and lamps for interior design

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Making the client’s vision a reality 

Brandi Renee is an award-winning interior designer with over 20 years of experience. As an artist, she sees each room as a painting reflecting the personality of the client. Besides her artistic vision, her window treatments and custom bedding make her work stand out from the rest.

What’s a product that every room needs?

Lighting and lamps for interior design are critical to the ambiance of a room.

Tell us one thing you wish everyone knew about interior design.

If you’re shopping for artwork and you’re looking online, I would suggest Wayfair. Other sources that carries large quantities of art are Home Goods and At Home.


What’s a design hint that’s never failed that you’ve picked up over your career?

When accessorizing an area always place items in odd numbers, 3,5, 7, etc..

Where do you get your inspiration from? Who inspires you?

Each time we get to the final installation and all the work comes together there is the moment when the client walks in and they are so pleased and I know I have successfully assisted them in creating their vision. Also, having a great team that works well together and has fun doing the best creative work there is (in my opinion) keeps me inspired!


Tell us about a time that confirmed why you love being an interior designer.

The relationship of the designer and client is very personal. It is important to select a designer that works well with you and listens to what your vision is. Look at a designer’s body of work and ask the them how they charge. There are many ways to work with a designer from a “Turn Key” job where they design the interior, source all the items needed, and install everything down to the last detail or they are willing to create a design plan for you to carry out on your own. If you are going to need remodeling work, ask if your designer handles remodeling projects, and if so ask for their references. Above all, it is important to be very clear on what you want to the designer to accomplish for you and be comfortable with the fees for that work.

To get more hints and ideas from an interior designer, upload a photo of your room to the Roomhints App.

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