Kitchen Remodel Ideas for 2019

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In many ways, the kitchen is the heart of the home. A place for eating, entertaining, and living, your kitchen should be a space that is equal parts beauty and functionality. We’ve come up with 15 kitchen remodel ideas to inspire your next kitchen makeover.

1. Black and wood

black bold light pendant kitchen

Design by Raili CA Design

We love the sense of cohesion in this kitchen via the wood, white, and black color palette. The balance and minimal aesthetic is precisely what makes this kitchen able to pull off those oversized, asymmetrical light fixtures. By pairing modern lines and decor with organic materials and eclectic fixtures, the designers were able to achieve an aesthetic that is warm neutral, playful modern. This view truly gives you a sense of the balance that the designers were able to masterfully achieve and the amount of thought that was invested into this gorgeous space.

2. Oversized light pendants

large bronze light pendant kitchen

single large bronze light pendant kitchenkitchen design ideaslighting ideas kitchen design

Design by Bria Hammel Interiors

A great way to make a statement is with some oversized light pendants. These brass light fixtures over the kitchen island are definitely the star of the show in this all-white kitchen. With the right design and proper scaling, bold fixtures like these will elevate your kitchen design rather than overwhelming it. Light pendants are relatively versatile and easy to style, so they are a great opportunity to go bold in your kitchen remodel.


3. Cabinetry with panel detail

grey kitchen cabinets with brassgrey kitchen cabinetsgrey kitchen cabinets marble islandopen grey kitchen cabinets
Design by Bria Hammel Interiors

While open shelving seems to be on trend these days, beautifully designed cabinetry boasts a measure of craftsmanship that truly shines in a kitchen. Thanks to the paneled cabinetry that surrounds this kitchen, the space looks more like a living area and less like a strictly functional place for mere cooking and eating. In like fashion, cabinetry runs continuous through the “oven” area. A few glass display cabinets were incorporated to help break up the monotony of cabinetry. Lastly, window treatments elevate the space and pair perfectly with the look of the cabinetry.

4. Cohesive contrasts

lighting ideas for kitchenhanging pendant bulbs for kitchen

Design by Raili CA Design

Repeat elements throughout your space for a sense of continuity and cohesion. In this playfully elegant kitchen, all of the different elements coordinate to create balance and visual interest. The dark blue paint ties together the kitchen island, cupboards, and mini bar. A patterned tile peeks through from behind the stove and the open shelving above the mini home bar. The kitchen island and dining table run parallel to each other, creating a symmetrical effect, yet the blue against the warm wood creates a gentle contrast. The delicate silhouette of the wishbone chairs give the visually heavy dining table a more airy, see-through effect, and the kitchen bar stools repeat its delicate legs in similar style. Finally, delicate light bulb pendants are strung above the dining table as to not obstruct the light.


5. A bold color scheme

green and marble kitchen

Design by deVOL Kitchens

Don’t be afraid to go bold in your kitchen remodel. If it’s thoughtfully designed, you won’t regret it. This forest green kitchen features traditional elements in the light pendants and decor. The marble countertops and backsplash as well as the gold hardware give this kitchen a luxurious feel. With tons of closed storage in the bottom cupboards, the clients opted to hang paintings on a minimal shelf instead of adding more closed shelving. Lastly, a wood kitchen island and wood floors give this kitchen some warmth and brighten it up.

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6. Diagonal layout

diagonal kitchen designblack kitchen faucetblack accent kitchen designmodern kitchen designbrass light pendantsmodern kitchen design ideas

Design by Saltbox Collective

In a kitchen remodel, layout is everything. You want to put thought into the layout of your kitchen as to maximize space and optimize flow. In this open concept kitchen, the designers made clever use of this conveniently shaped alcove. The kitchen island, aside from being uber functional, helps to create the division between living and dining and to demarcate the kitchen space. The warm wood in the cupboards, flooring, and kitchen island paired with the white palette create a beautifully light, open, and airy space. The matte black cabinet pulls, faucet, and bar stools come together seamlessly for a clean, modern look. Lastly, three gold light fixtures hang above the island for a pop of warmth.


7. Black and gold

black and gold kitchen design

Design by mrs. paranjape

When you think of black cabinetry, light and airy is the last thing you’d think of. And yet, this kitchen is able to achieve just that. The black cabinetry is punctuated with light wood floors, a white ceiling and gold hardware throughout. These features allow this black kitchen to actually look bright and vibrant. To top it off: see-through barstools and hanging chandeliers that aren’t too busy.

8. A sliding ladder

sliding ladder kitchen designwhite kitchen with sliding laddermodern white kitchen design

Design by Bria Hammel Interiors

A living room or kitchen that has a sliding ladder always seems to elicit “ooh”‘s and “aah”‘s from guests. Sliding ladders in your kitchen allow you to reach hard-to-reach items, which allows you to build taller cabinetry and maximize storage space as well as make use of tall ceilings if you have them. Beyond their functional purposes, sliding ladders add character and warmth. If you opt for a sleek, minimal railing, you can tuck the ladder away when it’s not being used and the ladder system won’t bug you.

9. Bold light fixture

large brass kitchen light fixturefarmhouse style kitchen sink

Design by The Fox Group

Here, the designers at The Fox Group saw an opportunity and took it: with tall, grand ceilings such as these, why not go for that giant, decadent chandelier? This gorgeous brass chandelier is all the drama this all-white kitchen needs. The gold in the chandelier repeats in the other light fixtures, which, of course, also provide additional task lighting. Keeping the decor minimal, the designers opted instead for marble backsplash, wall paneling, and giant windows to elevate the bare walls. Finally, the woven material in the popular Serena & Lily Riviera Chair, along with the warm wood floors, give this luxurious kitchen a more organic feel.


10. White brick pizza oven

pizza oven kitchenpizza oven white brickantique kitchen design

Design by deVOL Kitchens

This kitchen skillfully borrows elements from various aesthetics. A luxurious marble countertop rests atop a kitchen island with wall paneling detail and propped up by wooden legs. The kitchen island is flanked by two black chests with a wooden countertop, over which hang two oversized, rusted light pendants. A marble backsplash peeks through opened glass shelving. Changing the cabinet pulls can make a huge impact on a space and can give your kitchen a uniquely-you, curated feel; exhibit A: see above! Speaking of unique, the white brick pizza oven is something you don’t see in a kitchen everyday. From the light wood herringbone to the crown molding, this kitchen is gorgeous from floor to ceiling.

11. Sleek black

italian modern kitchenmodern contemporary kitchenmodern sleek black kitchen

We love a bold modern aesthetic. The all-black and lack of cabinet pulls give this kitchen a clean, sleek look. The wall sconces function to provide task lighting as well as to add pops of warmth to break up the all-black. A waterfall edge on your kitchen island is a great way to maximize space and functionality. A wood base on the kitchen island adds an organic element to this modern kitchen. The barstools symbolize a fusion of the bold black and organic wood.

12. Gorgeous barstools

white kitchen designfrench door style ovenbrass light white kitchen nook

Design by Jaimee Rose

We are absolutely in love with those barstools, which give this kitchen a romantic effect. The gold detail in the barstools repeats in the hardware on the oven. For the kitchen island countertop, there’s something about dark wood that is incredibly versatile and transitional, so it is perfect for kitchens that are neither completely modern nor traditional. A panel of open shelving and a marble tile backsplash with blue marbling break up the white cabinetry. There’s even a cute little reading nook by a window that makes this kitchen feel like part of the home.

13. A marble backsplash


white stove hood designmarble backsplash kitchen

Design by mrs. paranjape

In this all-white kitchen remodel, a striking marble backsplash takes center stage. The gray marbling ties in with the gray glass caged chandeliers, which allow light to flow through. As we said before, we highly recommend kitchen islands with a waterfall edge because of their functionality and aesthetic value. Here, the space beneath the waterfall edge is also used for additional, relatively hidden storage.

14. Accent color

green kitchen island

Image Credits: Pinterest

Built-in shelving on your kitchen island is a great way to maximize space, display beautiful decor items like books and decorative bowls, and break up the visual weight of your island. ProHINT: If you want to incorporate color in your kitchen but do not want the color to overwhelm your space, incorporate an accent color. In this kitchen, the green on the kitchen island functions as an accent color to this white kitchen. Injecting an accent color is a great way to add personality and fun to your kitchen.


15. Gray cabinets

kitchen design 2019

marble kitchen backsplash

Design by Nam Dang-Mitchell Design Inc.

We are a huge fan of gray cabinetry in living and dining spaces because gray is an incredibly versatile color. It can lean both cool and warm depending on how you style the color. In this kitchen by, warm flooring and ceiling sandwich a cool-toned color palette for a subtle, but impactful, contrast. for a subtle, but impactful contrast. A marble hexagon backsplash peeks through very minimal shelving and continues in the marble countertop. Lastly, the curves in the barstools and gold light fixtures give this kitchen a playful, organic feel.

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