3 Hints to Find Affordable Art with Katrina Aleksa

Roomhints from Katrina, Founder Predella House!

Katrina Aleska, originally from Latvia, is a well-travelled art consultant. Katrina has vast experience and knowledge in this sector. She has a global client base and frequently travels the world to consult with clients and visit galleries and exhibitions. Katrina is the founder of Predella House, an innovative online gallery which features work by both established and rising stars in the art world. She prides herself in ‘taking art beyond the art world’ and has a pragmatic, down to earth approach and attitude.

1. The best HINT!

A carefully sought iconic piece of art, which you really love. A piece which not only encapsulates the theme of the room, but also your personality and character.


2. Best place to find affordable art?

There is no ‘best’ place to find affordable art. Although it is an investment, it shouldn’t have to break the bank! Selecting a piece of art is a very personal, subjective and above all emotive thing which doesn’t have to cost a tremendous amount of money.

3. Without fail design hint that you have learned over your career?

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Ultimately this will help you to find your unique style and create ideal interior surroundings. Find something personal which you can relate to and fall in love with.

4. Running your own business can be tough, what keeps you motivated? and Inspired?

Combining my love of art with the ability to share this with people and please them. People are my inspiration and I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to run a successful business in a sector I love, communicating my passion and motivating others.

5. Advice you would give to those whom are new to hiring an interior designer?

Naturally it’s important to hire someone who shares your vision. However, to work together successfully you need to be able to progress, experiment with ideas and communicate effectively. Therefore someone who can guide you into areas you may not have originally considered, someone with clear concepts and an insight into future developments.

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