How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom and Why You Should

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Want to Feng Shui your bedroom? Still on the fence about it? Either way, Roomhints has the information you need!

As the Spruce mentions “a good Feng Shui bedroom is a bedroom that promotes a harmonious flow of nourishing, vibrant and sensual energy.”

We interviewed 100 top Feng Shui Masters in the United States to learn how the practice has benefited their clients and how it can benefit you.

Check out their answers below and let us know if you’re ready to Feng Shui!

Feng Shui Masters: Katie Rogers, Sharon Siegel, Elizabeth Barnes, Carole Hyder, Katherine Metz, Diane Gallin, Frankie Jackson, Carmel Malone-Quane, Viviana Estrada

What is Feng Shui?

Katie: “I live in Alabama in what is known as the “Bible Belt.” Many Christians here wrongly assume that Feng Shui is some sort of religion that conflicts with their religious beliefs.  While Feng Shui did originate in China thousands of years ago before Christianity even existed, it is not a religion, but more like an art and science. I work with a variety of clients (Jews, Christians, Muslims, atheists, you name it!) and, because the whole point of Feng Shui is to support a person’s personal lifestyle and wishes, religion and all, it can be a wonderful tool to take spirituality even deeper.”

Can Feng Shui really change your life?

We interviewed 100 different Feng Shui Masters to get real insight in how Feng Shui has really helped to change their clients lives.

Katie: “I help people get to the source of their psychological issues by way of their stuff and décor, and then work through them by implementing design techniques and Feng Shui cures. When a person can understand that their environment is reflecting their life in a deep way, then they are usually more willing to make the changes. Change the space, change your subconscious patterns, I say. So, in general, I help people live more fulfilling lives!”

Diane: “I recently worked with a client who had major financial, relationship and health problems at once. She was frozen in her approach to the issues and had become deservedly depressed. After my consultation and follow up recommendations, she began making small changes inside and outside her home. After a few weeks, she contacted me to say that the ‘fog had lifted.’ Each new change created optimism, and she was able to get back to work, travel, and get on with her agenda.”

Sharon: “Like anything Feng Shui is a personal journey which supports what it is you are up to. Also, coming home to a space that feels good and has the correct balance of elements keeps a person healthier. If one has their peace and health, then they can have what they really want.”

Katherine: “Any area of life can be addressed using the wisdom of Feng Shui. It can help to solve a problem in new ways.”

Elizabeth: “Feng Shui will transform anyone’s life for the better and can make your dreams come true! Use Feng Shui a little and your life will change a little. Use Feng Shui a lot and your life will change in ways beyond your imagination, wildest hopes, and dreams.”

Feng Shui Bedroom Wood Bed and Lam

Here Are Five Ways You Can Feng Shui Your Bedroom to Improve Sleep, Romance and More.

1. How to Choose the Right Color for a Bedroom?

Katherine: “There is no best color. You have to match the color with the person, the room, and the situation. This is the artistry of our work.”

Carole: “The best Feng Shui colors in the bedroom are colors that the occupant loves and a color that makes them feel safe.”

Elizabeth: “The aim is to create a sanctuary for rest and relaxation. It must be a color you love first and foremost.”

There are general rules of thumb

Carole: “When in doubt, a variation on skin tones usually works well.”

Katie: “Use soothing colors rather than fiery reds or oranges. The cooler end of the color spectrum calms, while warm colors excite. Muted tones work well too in bedrooms, as they have a grounding energy.”

Frankie: “A mild yellow is great for any bedroom as it promotes effective communication, health, and focus.”

Carmel: “Right now I have a plum color, which I love and works for both men and women. There are other factors to consider for sleep also.”

Viviana: “A light color that allows relaxation [is good.] However, the quality of energy (Qi) in a room goes beyond its color. Even in a relaxing color room, one might not get a good night sleep due to other Qi related factors.”

Elizabeth: “Never [use] blue in any bedroom, as it’s connected to the water element and can overwhelm and create an emotional imbalance.”

Feng Shui Bedroom

2. What Feng Shui colors are better for romance?

Elizabeth: “For couples, I would recommend a light gold (which is the color of my bedroom) or a light green. For single people, a peach hue works well to enhance romantic opportunities while you sleep; just keep in mind that as soon as you find the ‘one’ to repaint the bedroom!”

Diane: “Generically, it is best to avoid overly yang colors, but I’ve seen them work when a couple was trying to spice up their love life.”

Sharon: “For relationships, lots of people need pink or purple.”

3. What are the best Feng Shui colors can attract a partner?

Katie: “I love playing Cupid. I have had several clients use cures in the Romance section of their home, and very, very quickly meet the partner of their dreams.  One client hadn’t had a date in two years, which was amazing given she is an attractive, smart, and fun lady! She was obviously blocked. For part of her cure suggestions, she was to place a pair of candles in the Romance area of her bedroom and light them with the intention to bring in a life-long partner. Within ten minutes, the phone rang. It was someone asking her on a date! They went out for a few months, and although he didn’t end up being “the one,” she did meet her current husband only 9 months later, and they were married within the year!”

4. What colors are better for sleep?

Sharon: “For sleep, I would say green because it is healing.”

Green Feng Shui Bedroom

5. What are the best colors for a kids bedroom?

Elizabeth: “For children’s rooms, a pale green or light gold are great.”

feng shui kids bedroom z-potrzeby-piekna-pokoj-dziewczynki

6. Where should your bed go?

Your bed should be placed directly against a wall. This is grounding. You can imagine the wall as a tall mountain protecting you as you sleep. Your bed should not be directly in line with your door or on a diagonal. The belief is that if your bed is in line with your door, it will constantly get the energy of the doorway. To go further into the best direction, figure out your Gua number and whether you are an East group or a West group.

In addition, your bed should always have a headboard for strength.


7. Why a Headboard is Important?

Headboards provide a feeling of support in your life. Ideally your headboard and bed should be attached but if you just have a box spring you can get a separate headboard. The softer the bed headboard the better and avoid large clunky hard edged headboards. Heavy cast-iron headboards or ones that have bars have that same “cutting” energy you’re trying to avoid in such a relaxing space. Platform beds have great energy but make sure there are no sharp edges which you could hurt yourself on.

8. Should you have pairs of items?

Yes, it is good to have pairs such as, two pillows, two nightstands, two lamps. Pairs signify partnership and promote loving harmonious unions.

9. Remove clutter from under your bed

As mentioned above, Feng Shui is all about the flow of energy within a space. If you have clutter under your bed this will not allow for the energy to flow freely from under your bed to the rest of the room. Remove clutter if you have the space and can.

10. What to NOT do?

In Feng Shui it is best practice to NOT

  • Do not have technology in the bedroom.
  • Do not have a chandelier directly over your bed. This light or chandelier has heavy energy, threatening energy.
  • Do not have pictures of water or the beach. Yes, they are calming but the water element is not good for a bedroom. This includes having a water feature in your bedroom.
  • Do not have plants, I know this might not sound right, but plants have very strong, Yang, energy and you want your bedroom to be majority Yin. You can have a few flowers beside the bed but save the big green hanging plants for another area of the home.
  • Do not have lots of books or bookshelves. Books all have meaning and it’s best to not keep your mind thinking when sleeping. If you have a bookshelf full of the best business books beside your bed, you may be thinking too much about business in your sleep.
  • Do not have mirrors. In Feng Shui it is said that mirrors in front of the bed invite a third person into the marriage. Mirrors are also thought to reflect energy around a space, which could disrupt your sleep. If you need a mirror in your bedroom, point it at something that you love so it will reflect it.

Hope you enjoyed these Feng Shui bedroom hints. Let us know what other hints you love or if you have any Feng Shui success stories we would love to hear them.

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