Garland Lights for the Mantel: Adeline Bron of Hoopla Room

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Today, we’ve interviewed Adeline Bron, the founder and CEO of Hoopla Room. She recommends garland lights for your mantel, available at hooplaroom.com
1. What is the best accessory to complete a room?    

Wall art can definitely complete a room effectively.

2. How do you decide on the color scheme for the room?

I will start with one item in the room that I really like (such as a rug, a bedding set, a painting, etc), and I will build the look around that. Often times, clients have a favorite piece that serves as the jumping off point for the rest of the room.

3. The secret to styling a mantel?    

A mirror or a painting is a great classic accent for a mantel. I also like to add garland lights (available at hooplaroom.com) because they add a touch of color as well as a soft light.

4. Designer pet peeve?

I think creating a room with a “total look,’‘ where all the items are related to the same theme is an outdated concept. Things should be coherent, but not match entirely. One should be careful not to overdo it.

5. Without fail design hint that you have learned over your career?    

I’ve learned that when decorating a kid’s room, one should make sure that the toy storage is height appropriate, and that the toys are organized by category so that it is easy for the child to clean up her/his own room.

For more information on Adeline Bron of Hoopla Room – check out www.hooplaroom.com

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