Tips and Tricks for an Easy Winter Refresh in the Home with Designer Christie Leu


Roomhints interviewed interior designer Christie Leu to hear her best hints for incorporating winter decor in your home without breaking the bank!

Read her hints for an easy winter refresh below and let us know what you think in the comments!



1. What is your favorite color to incorporate into the home for fall/winter?

Green! Take a hint from the magazines and designers. When we stage for a photo shoot, we always add life with plants. In the spring and summer we can add flowers. Fall foliage and squashes are obvious, but the winter lends itself to deep hues of green. The green of evergreen pines, spruces, and holly leaves. It is a warm color that looks great against white. Think snow! I love crisp white walls and architectural details like a mantel with lovely green cuttings as accents.

winter decor

2. What area in the home do you feel is most utilized during the fall/winter months and are therefore most important to give a refresh? 

You will be hosting or visiting many dining rooms and hopefully a cozy living room with a warm fire and beautiful mantel. Work on those rooms. In addition to the dining and living rooms, I love a good front entry! It is the easiest way to make a bold and complete statement. Lights and beautiful greenery can create a welcome that your guests won’t soon forget.

winter decor

3. What are your favorite ways to incorporate layers into the home for fall/winter? 

Like the color green, this has a natural answer. It is often cooler, so it’s time to add throws for added color, texture, and warmth. Pillows can add softness and whimsy.

winter decor

4. What type of accents/home decor accessories do you feel are easy ways to incorporate fall/winter into the home without having to make a large purchase or investment? 

The greens that I recommend can be found in your yard. I have a 60 year-old holly tree that is a perennial gift of greenery.

5. What trends do you foresee in home design and decor for this coming winter and beyond? 

We continue to love crisp white walls and linens which lend themselves to colorful accessories. They always feel fresh, clean, and bright for the holidays. The winter months are filled with traditional activities. Elevate them with copious traditional sparkly lights, crystal, and texture.

winter decor
6. If a home is a holiday vacation home, what are some design and decor staples that someone should include? 

A ski lodge could have furry throws for every member of the family.  A beach house could have fluffy holiday towels and robes and slippers.  How about some great reading for the holiday break after all the indulgent meals? Every guest room should have some fun reading – a nice escape from family for a while.  My children can’t stop laughing every year when we read the book “Pigs at Christmas” by Arlene Dubanevich.  

winter decor

winter decor

7. Are there are interior materials that give the ultimate fall/winter vibe? 

Fabulous faux furs and sparkly lights!

8. Are there any places you have traveled to that have inspired your design for winter?

Resorts go over the top on decor — why not do it at home and feel like you are in an exotic locale? Don’t be afraid to overdo it! Indulge!!

 winter decor

Did you like Christie’s tips and tricks for incorporating winter decor in the home? For more information on Christie Leu, visit

Images by Stacy Zarin Goldberg.

Jennifer Wiguna
Jennifer Wiguna

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