Divorce Decor – Transitioning from your Old to your New Space through Color, Design and Art

Interview with Jodi Topitz, founder of We2Me

Roomhints sat down with Jodi Topitz. Jodi is the founder and creator of the popular we2me® – Divorce Décor . Divorce Decor design and coaching service that helps divorced adults and their kids simply feel happy and emotionally grounded in their new space through the positive psychological impact of “divorce decor” color, design and inspirational mentoring from start to finish.

Over the years, Jodi observed that whether moving to a new home or reclaiming the space you are in, it is extremely stressful. This particular type of stress is especially intense for women and men going through transition (divorce, loss of a spouse, retirement, empty nest or relocation).


Shorty after Roberta was divorced, she began to have trouble trying to settle her son (6) and her daughter (13) into their new home. As if the trauma of divorce was not enough, the kids had to deal with a new neighborhood, new friends and a new school. Not only had the real estate of their family changed, but so had their childhood landscape. They were spending equal time with their father in the pre-divorce home and the other half with their mom in the new location.

The six year old would not sleep in his new room and insisted on sleeping in his 13 year old sister’s room. You can only imagine how much friction that caused between the kids and Mom.

The problem was that the kids did not have a sense of permanency in their new space with their mother. They felt uprooted, resentful and scared. It was as if they were visiting her, instead of living with her.



1. How did We2Me, Divorce Decor make a 6 year old feel comfortable and not scared within his new room?

Jodi: “The first thing I did was request a design meeting with just the kids…no Mom. I soon discovered that the boy was afraid to sleep in his room at night because their dad did not live with them anymore. This sweet little boy was reluctant to share this with his mom because he did not want to hurt her feelings.”

Jodi: “As I talked with him in his Spiderman PJ’s, it was easy to deduct that he had a super hero dear to his heart.  Being a muralist, as well as a designer, I suggested thaxt we paint a Spiderman super hero on the wall over his bed. This would ensure his safety because OBVIOUSLY, Spiderman would protect him while he slept.”

Jodi: “We also decided to keep his old bedroom furniture and bedspread because the last thing he wanted was more change in his life. Totally excited with this solution, he runs out of the room to tell his mom.”



2. How did you design your new space after your divorce? 

Jodi: “After navigating through my divorce and selling my 11 room house, I decided that I needed to be in a small, carefree  nurturing space. I rented a two room apt. and instinctively realized that surrounding myself with the color blue would simply make me happy. I painted the walls the most lush blue that Benjamin Moore could offer.”

Jodi: “When I looked at my walls, all I could think of was the color of the deepest ocean. This beautiful shade of blue reminded me that my new life had options as deep as the sea. By choosing the correct color palette, I could achieve the serenity that I so needed in my life.”

jodi room

3. Why did you choose the color blue?

Jodi: “Created a peaceful, calming mood, Reduced blood pressure and Decreased respiration”


Color, just like music, is the universal “visual” language seen around the world. The color BLUE, has been proven to lower your blood pressure and immediately promote a more peaceful state of mind. 

This is why we enjoy a clear blue sky on a beautiful summer day or the turquoise, crashing waves of the ocean. It simply makes us feel more relaxed and less stressed. This is nature’s way of giving us the gift of serenity.


The proper balance of color can make a substantial difference in defining how a room “feels”, as well as how it appears visually. This is always crucial to address after any devastating transition. The strong psychological power of color is undeniable.

A vibrant or intense color used as an accent on walls for example, may create a powerful statement for the entire room. It can also be emotionally stimulating and energizing.

On the other hand, contrasting colors (light against dark or dark against light) emphasize home furnishings and highlight favorite pieces of art, giving a sense of personal strength.

Soft, neutral colors are refreshing and offer a quieter alternative, soothing the soul. Pale walls and ceilings, similar in tint, create an airy, more expansive feeling room.

Similarly, darker deep hues on walls and ceilings give the illusion of pushing the walls of the room outward, thus creating the impression of a deeper space. It also implies elegance and richness making one feel house proud and confident.


Blue does the opposite of red by lowering your blood pressure, and produces a feeling of calm. Warmer blues are soothing, comforting and homey.  While cooler blues can be icy and sterile.


Purple is the color of royalty and elegance. It can stimulate creativity. It is sophisticated and yet it can also be whimsical depending on what it is paired with. The lighter shades can be calming and meditative.

For Divorce Decor hints from Jodi, upload a photo of your space to Roomhints. Or check out Jodi’s site.

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